Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sunday photoshoot

I can look like a model too!! 

I still suck at photoshop
coz my hair looks very stiff.
My face looks ok i think. =D

I had a photoshoot on Sunday.

It was very challenging
coz there were 7 photographers!!

This is for now the best picture.
There are a lot of other nice pictures
I guess they haven't done editing.

My apple chin is so deep it has a shadow of it's own.

Promoting my RM3 ring. =D

I was wearing it on my right hand,
then changed it to my left hand just for this shot. 

Editing the pictures to make myself look more beautiful is fun!!

More to come!!

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. I like your red suede heels! :P Btw, why didn't you smile in any of the pics?

  2. I did!! Except for the one promoting the cheap ring... =(

    I have a small smile.

  3. wow! are u kidding me? just ok? haha you got a pretty face ok!
    btw visited your blog so many times, now only know how you look like. haha

  4. Sherrie- I like them too. Fun!! =D

    Henry- Are you kidding me?! I have so many unrelated vain pictures in my posts...