Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Twins (with Joel)

From Joel’s point of view.

I have been stalking this person who read and commented on my blog recently. I'll admit it, I tend to do that a lot because I want to know more about my readers. It also helps that a portion of you guys are pretty good looking so the urge to stalk you is ever so strong.

Okay, back to this particular person I was stalking. She (yes, I stalk girls all the time, get over it) had left a comment on 2 separate posts so I knew that this person really read my blog instead of skimming through. Also, her profile picture was quite eye-catching. Hence began my stalk campaign.
When I visited her blog, I was frankly quite confused. I had previously met her at an event and I remembered that she looked really different from the pictures in her blog. I mean, there were pictures of her with long hair, and pictures of her with short hair, taken on the same day. My mind was screaming 'Wait...what?!!'

 Pictured above: Witchcraft.

Undeterred by this, I quickly increased my stalk rate. I realized that she may have a twin sister. That was the only reasonable conclusion I came up after much stalking over a variety of websites. There was no way this girl could be the same person. It seemed as though they were 2 different people, through the way they each dressed, and looked. 'WITCHCRAFT' was a close second.

Okay, let me be honest here. When I stalk a girl, I immediately start rating her based on my dream girl list. In this case, I was pretty much confused because the blog seemed to have 2 different people. After much discussion with myself, I decided that these were twins, which meant 2 different people to stalk. AT ONCE!

Girl #1 was this sweet looking, innocent and pretty girl. She had long flowing hair, wasn't too short and she was quite pretty as well.

Girl #2 had a bit of a bad girl image. Rocking out in short hair, she had these really nice frames on and was pretty outgoing.

 In all honesty, I couldn't decide who I wanted to stalk more. It seemed like both these girls had elements of my dream girl. It also brought to one question in my mind: how do you date twins? The one question that will most definitely crop up is 'Why did you pick me and not my sister?' That is a death question by all accounts. No answer you give can ever suffice or let you walk away unscathed.

Going back to those 2 girls. I had no idea who I wanted to date more. It was a dilemma on all accounts. A twin dilemma. Here were 2 hot girls, both quite similar in appearance and each having their own personal attitudes. If I were to date one twin, I would be giving up all the qualities of the other twin. Decisions had to be made.

"Pick me!"


So finally, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I decided that I would totally just date both girls. I'm just greedy that way. But before you condemn me as a player, think about it. I mean, why not? Girl #1 has half the qualities and Girl #2 has the other half. Two halves make one whole. If I date them both, I can have my dream girl! It's a literal dream come true. And you know they always say that two is better than one.

I agree wholeheartedly.


From J_Fish’s point of view
Ok, it was crazy (and) fun taking the pictures for the blog post. Joel came up with the idea of collaborations and the idea of the twins. Being the crazy change-a-lot girl, challenge accepted. =D

Had to run back and forth to take the pictures,
but it's good fun and good exercise. XD

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Which twin would you choose?


  1. lol im confused! what and what wor?!
    until i finished the whole post only realized the whole thing. =.=
    what a collaboration. haha

  2. Thanks Sherrie. =)

    Henry: Why are you confused? You can plan a collaboration too. Just find another blogger and come up with something fun! =D

  3. OMAIGAD you look sooooooo pretty! ><


  5. U look good with long and short hair . :)

  6. I'm confuse too....don't get it till the very end. LOL!
    Only comment: Cute-ness =)

  7. it is so scary at the last photo! I will RUN :P