Tuesday, 3 January 2012

We bought a zoo + Straw Dogs

I watched 2 movies yesterday.

Wanted to watch Sherlock Holmes
but my friend watched that already,
so we watched
"We bought a zoo"

Didn't want to watch it at first
coz I thought it would be a waste of money.
(personally prefer to watch action movies in the cinema)

 But my friend paid for it,

At first I thought it was a funny movie,
but then it was a touching movie based on a true story.

It was not bad.
It's about a family who moved into the countryside
because the father (Matt Damon)
didn't want to stay in the place they used to.
He lost his wife
and the town reminded him of her everywhere he went.

He wanted a new life for his family
and as he went scouting for houses
with his totally adorable daughter, Rosie
they found a perfect house
(which turned out to be a zoo)

They worked their way through
to make the zoo functional again
and wasted a huge fortune to open it up.

The movie started out quite slow.

There are a lot of touching lines and scenes.
It was basically a nice touching film,
but I still won't pay to watch it. 

I would recommend others to watch it though.

Straw Dogs is not a movie for the faint-hearted.

 It's about a wedded couple (Kate Bosworth & James Marsden) moving to the country side. 
It was where the wife grew up in
and everyone knew her.

They moved into the wife's old home,
and their barn's roof was messed up by hurricane
so they asked for her friends' help to fix it up.

The wife obviously (pretty and hot) had a romantic past
with someone from the town.
(Since she grew up there)
and that romantic past (Alexandre Skarsgard)
came back to hunt her.

There were some complications between the couple
and a few people from the town
and complications between some people from the town
and other people from the town.

You have to watch it to understand it
coz I don't wanna tell too much about it.

Basically it's a lot of framing
bad tempered people
and hateful people. 

They're both based in the countryside
but the two movies have very different themes.

Check them out,
but Straw Dogs

is NOT suitable for kids.

This is the only trailer that doesn't show too much of the movie.
Most of the movie is in the official trailer.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

I've moved into my new place,
and waiting for my closet and table to be sent over from the shop.
I had to wait a week
which is kinda ridiculous

because my place is a street across the shop.


  1. 2 movies in a day...almost a movie marathon!

    i'm waiting to watch "We Bought A Zoo". Love comedy and when it has family elements with animals..its a must watch for me.

  2. 2 movies in a day is not really a movie marathon for me. I could spend 1 whole day doing nothing other than watching movies when I was studying. XD

    Otaku sial.