Monday, 9 January 2012

Portable Charger/Battery

Wanna show off my phone's new shirt/dress/whatever you wanna call it.
It's red!!!
It took me very long to find one
that's not too expensive and red.

I got it at the bridge between The Curve and Ikano btw. 

the main character in this post,
is this.

It's a portable battery a.k.a charger.

I saw a deal on

Because Shii Teck has 1 and I'm jealous
so I want to have 1 too.


It has 9 ports/sticks/shapes
to fit charger heads for a few devices.

Contains up to 3000mAh.
(If you don't know what mAh is,
you just have to know this:
the higher the mAh, the longer the battery lasts).

The size in comparison to my model the mouse
*wolf whistles to the mouse*

Comes with a built-in torch.

The bag contains the 9 plug head things, 
the thing with a circle in the middle is the connector,
and the battery itself.

The circular thing is actually the wire. 

It's convenient because it shows how much battery it has left.
So you don't have to wonder how much it has left
or charge for 10minutes and finds out
that it's out of battery.

The reason I want this
is because although I don't use the data plan often
But when I do,
my phone's battery will drain like diarrhoea...

The problem is when that happens,
I will suddenly be expecting an important call
or suddenly need to use GPS.

better safe than sorry.

Now 1 have double battery life. =D

I just have to remember to charge both.
The battery has to be charged using laptop/computer.

Coz it only has a USB charger head.

I'm sure it's worth the money.
3000mAh for RM110.
(it's actually worth RM199)

I know soon some other company will come out with something
a lot more worth the money,
but for now,
I'm happy with it.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. 5 hours in a bus is really long... 

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  1. Just a little trivia, mAh stands for miliampere-hour by the way...