Sunday, 30 December 2012

Darn you addictions!!

it has come to this.

You know how when you have to study,
you find everything interesting,
and start to google about them?

The same happens when you have work. =D

Well taking a break from simultaneously packing my stuff and working,
I'm taking a break to write a blog post.

Other than taking time off to blog,
I've been taking a whole lot of time off.... to play games on my phone.

here are the games that I can just sit there and play for hours and hours,
if my phone's battery can survive.

Turtle fly.
It's a simple game. Simple, but not easy.

It's basically a game which requires a lot of patience and control.
The objective I'm trying to reach now
is to fly to the moon.
(Objective reached after I wrote that. =X)

And to do that,
you have to be able to control your turtle by tilting your phone left and right
to avoid the flying objects, e.g. planes, rockets, UFO etc.

Oh, and you have to keep an eye on the fuel too.
You can only hit those flying objects so many times,
unless you collect HP replenish.

I'm so addicted to this game I've succeeded to make my turtle drift.
Yes, drift, like in Initial D.

That's a badass turtle I have there.

the game is called Mega Jump.

This one is a no brainer.
It's very easy to play,
the objective is to unlock new levels,
and the only way to do that,
is to keep going up,
and to do that, you have collect floating gold coins.

Only coins (and a few helping power ups) can help you move upwards,
if you fail to reach a coin,
you'll fall to your death, and you have to start over again.

Easy peasy.

The next one is probably quite well known... 10 months ago.
Temple Run.
I didn't get to play it before this coz my phone can't support it.
But now I can. =D

Then last but not least,
Pocket Frogs.
I hate frogs, but these are just too darn cute.

It's quite a lame game actually,
you make your frogs jump around in the pond while trying to eat dragonflies,
and mate.

You collect different species and colours, and sell them so that you can buy more places for more frogs.

So it's just frogs enjoying themselves.
Food, jumping around freely, and mating.

All of the above are old games,
but I find them very.... time wasting. In a good way.
Well maybe not.

Still looking for nice games out there,
so please introduce some of them to me pwease. X)

And here's a pic of my odango. I bought the donut thingy that helps to make odangos.

Oh, and my nails are ready for 2013. =D

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Now to think of it, this post is actually proof of how outdated I am. =X

Thursday, 27 December 2012

That Saturday at Publika

Probably the first full body OOTD picture in my blog ever. 

Shades are vintage.
Top and high waist pants from Asian Avenue
Shoes bracelet from charity sale there and then
Studded bracelet from Brands Outlet
Shoes from Summit

Was given the chance to attend a graffiti workshop
by Nuffnang at Publika 2 Saturdays ago. 

When I got there people were busy spraying away on canvases already. 

 I was quite amazed by how realistic this looks. 
I mean, it's still obviously a painting,
but that eye...

Honestly I preferred it without the white highlights. 

We were led into the Black Box,
which is in the building next to Red Bean Bag.

The 4 graffiti artists at the workshop.
From left to right:
Escape, Medea, Kartun & Anokayer

All of them started differently, but all of them shared a passion in fine arts.

Focus on the panoramic picture at the back.
Realistic graffiti art for a restaurant done by Medea, the guy speaking.

It's interesting to learn that:
1. DBKL legalized the graffiti paintings on the walls along Sg Klang, which is that wall in front of the Pasar Seni LRT station. 
They even have an annual graffiti event there. If you feel like venturing into the graffiti business, or you just want to showcase your art, or just want to try how it feels to spray on walls legally, find any empty spot on that wall, and you can express yourself freely. 

Be sure not to paint over other paintings though. Ethics people. 

(It would be best to go to Sg Klang area in a group as there are homeless ppl lingering and it could be dangerous.)

2. Don't be afraid to ask for permission to paint.
If you see an empty wall and would like to decorate it, just ask for permission from the owner of that wall, be it a shop or a house. You might not get paid, but hey, it's publicity. Who knows if you're really nice and the owner really appreciates your art, you'll get something else in return. =D

3. Don't be afraid to ask
If you want to learn about graffiti or venture into this branch of art, you can always ask the graffiti artists for help and guidance. Post questions on their Facebook page or join the community. 

Kartun creating his alter ego. Spray-ception?

The final look.
(From Kartun's Facebook profile. =X).

On the same day,
there was an Indie Youth Festival.

People performing their own work and some covers.

It was nice to just sit there and chill with black cat Iris
and chomping on the sandwiches from O'Brien's with a can of chilled coke,
listening to indie rock band Shh... Diam! cover "Leaving on a jet plane".

The weather was just fine. Not too hot and breezy.
Just sitting there and not doing anything is enjoyable enough.

I went to watch Life of Pi (finally) after that.
It was a good day.

Life is easily enjoyed when your weekdays suck.

That's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

It was Christmas?

You didn't get presents from Santa coz one reindeer was busy camwhoring. 

Gold and red eyeshadows for Christmas camwhore.

Simple Christmas this year.
Went to watch The Hobbit with Marilyn, Ken and his friend Shaun
at GSC MAXX in Time Square. 
I can't tell the difference. =X

But it was nice to hang out with a crazy bunch of funny folks that made me laugh so much today. 

Went to Bangsar with Yat later on just to have a cuppa at Antipodean. 

How nice the flowers they used  for decoration.

On every table. =D

Had another good laughing session there
when they tried to add "bulu" to all the coffee names. 
The most epic is "Long Black Bulu".

Went home after that and watched movies on my laptop.
So it's kind of a movie day la. 
Like every other day. 

But somehow,
it didn't feel like Christmas this year.
Probably because of the lack of Christmas songs on the radio.
It felt like a weekend
or just any other public holiday.
I was looking forward to Christmas,
and when it finally came,


Well I got 2 books as presents from other ppl,
and I bought a shitload of presents for myself     =X

which is better than last year,
when I didn't get presents at all. 

Hopefully new year's eve would be good,
and next Christmas would be great!!

But till then,
time to get back to reality. 
Work it is.

And work makes people feel old. 

How was your Christmas?

That's what J_Fish has to say~ A late Bon Noel~

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Les Miserables

Les Miserables brings back memories. How I fell asleep watching the very old version of this during French Literature class, and how I was secretly happy that I was sick when the lecturer showed the second part. =X One, because it was really slow, two, because it was in French and I'm not that fluent to understand it fully.

This adaptation is too slow at parts for me. If you try to cramp 2 books into 1 approximately 2.5 hour film, of course not every scene and character can be fully developed. I think they had to compromise because the "musical" part took away a lot of time which can be used for plot development. Imagine something which can be said in 2 minutes takes 10 minutes to deliver, because it's a song.

This is truly a musical, as in, 95% of the dialogues and monologues are in songs.

Anne Hathaway's "I dreamed a dream" was really really good. She had to sing and cry while looking very convincing, and was still able to hit the high (and low) notes. The others were not bad at all either. I was impressed by the children's singing. It did, however make me feel that the movie is more for showcasing the ability to sing of the actors instead of you know, (re)telling the whole story, because they sing so much!!!

The storyline is still clear, which means you would still understand what's going on, but like a lot of people complained: "The scenes changed too fast". Time constraint is the biggest problem. I guess if they were to split it into 2 movies, it would be less nice. =/ I wasn't touched enough to cry though. I have a heart of a man.

For me, if I were to watch this movie at home, I would need to play it a few times to finish it. Or probably fast forward the singing part. Sitting in the cinema is one good way of finish watching the movie for me, because I get distracted very easily.

I do miss my classes now. =( It was a lot more carefree back then. The only problem would be there are so little of us in the class, the lecturer ALWAYS knows who understands or just fell asleep in class. =X

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au revoir~

P.s. GSC Midvalley, what happened?! We had to go twice to watch one movie, and the second time you delayed for about 45 mins before letting us in. No explanation was given. =/

Friday, 14 December 2012

You, me and gaudy

It's like a journey of life discovery recently. At first I took a step back and saw that I've been very unkind to myself. Now, I realize how gaudy I've been. 

I've been buying things I don't need (with the money I have =X) to impress people I don't like. Just because I don't want to be looked down on. Why do I need to spend my money on people who I don't like in the first place?

I try too hard to impress others in speech and practice, and thus I do what others do so that I can blend in. Suffering from boycott has taken its toll on me and I don't want to go down that road again. In the blogger group, everyone is (supposedly) active in all (popular) social media platforms. Everyone (especially girls) showed everything they did and said and ate and bought and laughed at. But then when I took a step back, now it all seems gaudy to me.

Why do you need to tell the world everything you're doing? Does everyone really want to know what you bought or ate or barfed? Well not really. Do you have to constantly mention how lucky you are for getting something from someone?

I think the ease of access to the internet nowadays + social media has made people into gaudy, superficial beings. Think about it. We're so connected to our social media accounts that we express our thankfulness on the internet, which is very unnecessary. Why would people want to know if your boyfriend just gave you a Porche for your 18th birthday? Who cares if you bought a new Gucci dress with your parents' money? Why would people want to know if you're going for a trip to the South Pole? Why would people want to see that you've drank your 109 cup of Caramel Frap from Starbucks for the month of December? Why would people want to know if you're going to sleep? People don't need to know. Other than your stalkers, people don't want to know either. So why do we still post these useless stuff on the internet?

Ironically, the social media has made people feel left out because here you're browsing through your friends' vacation pictures in your cubicle in the office; or sitting at home eating instant noodles because you didn't have plans, but your friends just checked-in at some shop near your house for lunch and they didn't even remember to call you up.

I salute the people who have not been taken over by social media. They can leave freely on stealth mode. No one knows what they're doing unless they take the time to ask. As I said, it's ironic because only when you're off social media will you really know who cares and who don't, because they remember you even when you're not being gaudy and force feeding your joy and sadness, your gain and your loss.

I try really hard to stop posting everything I do, and now I only have Instagram left which I update more frequently. Ok so I tweet quite often too, but well, I "escaped" posting stuff on Facebook unless I have to tag someone which I can only reach through Facebook. Which is what social media is actually for in the first place, right?

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au revoir~
p.s. I have new hair colour. YAY!! 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

To buy things you don't need

It's almost Christmas!!! *officially starts countdown*

While everyone in "first world countries" are cracking their heads
(Malaysia is technically not a first world country)
for what presents to give to whom,
I think it's appropriate to pull you down and
make you see what else should be done.

While you're busy shopping and hoping for presents,
I think it's a good time to introduce everyone,
to this list.

Go on, click on it.

If you chose not to and continued to read,
shame on you.

It's a list called "10 Images of Where Children Sleep Around the World"
You'll see the contrast on how children
live different lives in different countries.

If you don't feel sorry at all after going through that list,
there's something wrong in your conscience department.

If that list got you, somehow,
and you feel like giving, even just for once,
for the sake of Christmas spirit and "the spirit of giving",
I'm more than happy to introduce World Vision to you.

All readers, this is World Vision,
World Vision, here are my readers.

Introduction done.

Ok, to make a longer introduction short and and shorter intro more informative,
part of World Vision's aim is to help communities around the world
and change their lives for the better
through upgrades which are funded
by contributions from "first world countries".

To make your contributions easier,
I've listed out the links and ways of helping.

For one shot contributions,
you can choose to donate

 for agriculture

for economic development

for children's education

And if you're working or even if you're studying
but have money to spend on chatime or starbucks drink,
ipads or tablets or smartphones or your second digital camera,
why not help someone who really needs the money?

With the money you use to get any of those devices
(which you probably already have and are just planning to get a new one)
you can actually sponsor a child (maybe even 2) for ONE WHOLE YEAR.

If you're interested in sponsoring a child but can't afford to give a near thousand ringgit contribution one shot
try this link for the FAQ.

From that link,
if you choose to sponsor a child,
you'll be given the choices of giving every month,
every quarter,
every half a year and every year.

With so many options of donating,
what is your excuse of not giving?

Spend a little less on clothes and gadgets,
junk food and overpriced drinks,
and you'll be able to help families and even communities.

Let's do this.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

if you have other ways of helping,
feel free to drop them in the comments and I'll add them to this post
or write another post for it. =)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tutorial for simple smoky eyes

Yay. Got a request for tutorial for the look in my Black and White post. 
Do check it out. =D

Eyebrows- Kiss Me Heavy Rotation eyebrow mascara in 02

Upper false lashes- Kiss Me Heavy Rotation "Doll"

 (Found cheaper replacements at Sunway Pyramid's Asian Avenue's falsies shop for RM18 per box.)

Bottom false lashes- Kiss Me Heavy Rotation "Pure"

Colours for the smoky eye:

For eyelids:
Maroon from pink palette
Navy blue from purple palette

For under the eyes:
Light brown from pink palette (above maroon)

Sephora's eyeshadow brush

First, start with a dash of maroon on the inner eyelid.

use the navy/purple.
Make the outer corners darker and gradually move the colour inward.

The shape at the end of your eyes depends on your eye shape.
I made it a lot longer than my eye's end.

 Add upper lashes

Also, use the light brown on the pink palette
and line the bottom inner corner under your eyes.

Add on lower lashes.

I like to stick it just below my natural lashline
because it gives a wider eye effect.

If you stick it too far from the line,
it'll look very fake though, so be careful.

And voila!

Here you go.
A very simple smoky eye look. =D
Without eyeliner too.

Remember to add some blusher.
I used the blusher (in oblong) from the green palette for the first picture.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Those palettes are from my Sephora pret-a-porter set.
I don't think it's still in-stock but I'm glad I got it.