Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I'm not boasting,
Just trying my best to help.

The (post)card I'm holding
is suppose to be sent to Sabah in October.
But it's still in my hands.


It's for a mission trip
and a friend / blogger--Hayden posted and asked for donations. 
(click on his name to check out the post. I guess if you wanna help, you still can.
the trip is postponed to December.)

He wanted me to send a postcard
coz I donated.
He actually wanted goods.
But if I send stuff all the way over to Sabah,
it would waste the postage fee
So I gave money instead.
Not a big sum at all,
but I did my best.

*looks at new clothes and shoes and feels guilty*

In case you doze off already,
here's a picture of a super hot girl.


Come on,
what do you expect.
You're reading the blog of a super vain bimbo.

(assuming you're awake now)
If you don't feel like sending stuff to Sabah,
Here's another chance to do good!!

Have you heard of the crazy flood in Thailand?

If you haven't,
you must live under a rock,
but then your rock is quite cool,
coz you can still read my blog.

our SPCA is raising fund and collecting items to send over to Thailand


I'm not saying don't help the people,
but most people are raising funds to save the people there
(even my company)
so I guess it's time to save the animals. 

Here are the list of items that's needed:

Wish List for TWP Shelter – 200 dogs
Updated 10 November 2011

·         Autoclave
·         Autoclave tape
·         Surgical sets (male and female) (SCAD has some but not sorted or checked. Need 10 more male and 15 more female inc spay hook.)
·         Stainless steel surgical tables (SCAD has 4 of these can loan)
·         Small oxygen cylinder (2)
·         Surgical drapes (disposable preferable)
·         Surgical gloves (size 6.5, 7.0 and 7.5 – need more of 7.0 and 7.5 than we do of 6.5)
·         Suture material (Vicryl 1.0, Vicryl 2.0 and Catgut 1.0)
·         Zoletil
·         Xylazine
·         Thiopental
·         Pentothal
·         Diazepan
·         Atropine
·         Adrenaline
·         Vitamin K (inject)
·         Tramadol (inject)
·         Baytril (inject and oral)
·         Amoxyclav (inject and oral)
·         Metrodonizole (inject and oral)
·         Gentamycin or Cephalexine (inject and oral)
·         PSLA (inject)
·         Metoclopramide (inject)
·         Cimetidine (inject)
·         Rimadyl (inject and oral)
·         Vitamin B complex (inject)
·         Duphalyte (vitamin B plus amino acids)
·         Sulphadimadine (TMPS)
·         Buscopan
·         Butorphanol or Bupronorphine
·         Endotracheal tubes for cats and dogs
·         IV Sets
·         Softban / MUB / soft cotton bandage
·         Needles 23 g one inch and 25 g 5/8 inch
·         Catheters (blue)
·         Butterfly needles (size 22 and size 24)
·         Parvovirus and CDV antigen test kits
·         Amitraz
·         Dermaden
·         De-wormer Pratel or Drontal Plus or similar (must kill tapeworm)

*[End of list]*
If you don't have any idea what they are,
Join the club. *grins*

But no,
You're not off the hook yet.
They accept monetary funds as well,
head over to 
for more info!!

Be nice.
If you're in trouble and a stranger lends a hand,
you'd be forever grateful right?

So Hurry!!

Before the animals drown. 
That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
One more thing
If ya'll have any extra Johnny Walker Black Circuit passes...
Can ya'll give some to me? 

Coz I missed HA and was super upset about it.....