Tuesday, 1 November 2011

To doll or....

The vampire without her fangs.

I did something considered really crazy yesterday night.
It was their idea.

But I had lotsa fun with them.
Not gonna say who,
not gonna say where we went.
It was crazy, crazy and oh, did I mention

It was crazy coz today
I had to work,
but I got home at 6 something
with breakfast packed.

I slept for an hour plus,
and went to work as usual.

Had to blast my ears
for the whole day
and drank 2 cups of coffee to keep myself awake.

Linkin Park was my best friend.
I can almost memorize the lyrics of Bleed it out.

It was all worth it.

It feels nice to be able to do something crazy,
while I'm still young.
I guess I finally found friends
who could be fun in a different way.

Love you two to bits and pieces.

Wish I was there.
Not a secret.

Now a little update

I got my confirmation for work.

I figured that
The biggest rule for a player,
is not to fall.
No matter what type of player you are.

on a different note,

I just wanna tell those gym guy freaks out there
If you're going to gym
coz you think if you get all macho looking
babes will dig it
and you'll become a chick magnet,

that's somewhat true.
Look at Thor.

But then,
the (bad) news is
gays dig it more.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
I want to make my hair curly like in the pics

I really need opinions for this,
if you read this post,
please tell me,

Is it nicer like


*scroll back up to see curly hair pic*.

LOTSA Thanks. =D