Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The crazy fairy tale-ish weekend

Picture taken from my dear bella, Cocoro. ♥

Ze weekend was crazy.
I took leave from work on Friday,
coz I have something special to do on Thursday night.

Went skating at Ze Pyramid on Friday.

It was fun
and tiring,
and fun,
but totally worth more than RM15.

I finally saw my family after almost 3 months.
I'm not the homy kinda person,
I haven't gone back since I started working.

With ze younger sister

Check out her rabbit teeth. (Overbite)
She's cute and unique because of that though.

And ze daddy

Handsome (young) *ahem* man no?
I got my tanned skin colour from him.....
He used to be mistaken as my brother.

Since mom was busy taking pictures of my older sis instead of me,
I decide not to post pictures of them.

My graduation was a fairy tale.
Other than the time in the hall,
and the receiving of the (empty) scroll that came and went as fast as a fart,
everything else was fun.

I got "thrown" for 3 times
by the 4th college CC dudes.
It was scary at first,
but meh,
it's once in a life time.
I hope.

For the first time in my 23 years 3 months and 1 days of life,
I received FLOWERS!!!!!
From my family.....
and Susan and Pei Yee!!

Took tonnes of pictures
and was bombared on FB with tags.
I love ya'll.
Thank you for being part of my uni life.
I really miss studying.
When people ask me if I liked studying,
the truth is,
No, not really,
but it's a lot better than working.
I moved on,
but I'm not in a better place now.

Other presents and gifts were nice too,
but my best graduation gift?

A weighing scale from miss Gh Pin.

The other ppl who gave me presents,
please don't terasa,
I love the others too,
but this is......

I didn't grow fat after all.
I put on weight,
I could still fit into my cheongsam that I wore 3 months ago.

Do you prefer the bare lips look
or the hot red lips?

I went back to UM to return my robe yesterday.
Took leave just to do that.
(Good reason, aye?)

I really really really miss UM.
It feels so different to be there.
I walked really slowly
coz I don't want to leave.
It was like if I left UM,
I'd be hurled back to face reality.

Had dinner with Cocoro at KFC.
The reason that my graduation was a fairy tale
was because the 3 years spent in UM
was a fairy tale.
The people were all princes and princesses
and together we made a very good story.

When I saw my friends there,
I know that was somewhere I once belonged to.

Thanks for being there all along.
I love you, all of you.
Even though I don't say it.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Please move on.