Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Parley ye PIRATE?

It means do you speak pirate by the way.
I think. 

I don't (speak pirate). 
But someone does.
Guess who. 

*Drumroll starts*

*Drumroll ends plus symbal*


I opened a new account 
for work purposes.
As I was (re)exploring FB settings,
I went through the languages
and found that there's a language called 

[Along with English(upside down)] wtf. 

So I clicked it,
and here's how my FB looks like now. 

I like how they call "video" "bewitched Portrait".

The chat box thing.

Check out my notification box.
and status and links
Aye! This be called creativity. 

You can try it out for yourself.
I kinda like it. 

I tried English (Upside Down)
well you can imagine how it turns out.

You can read if you flip your screen upside down too

(but then the pics would be upside down)
(wait, right side up)


That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Another photoshoot.