Saturday, 20 August 2011

Confession .....6? Boys

I've lost count of my confession post numbers.
So I'm just gonna name this no.6.
Because I can.

Confession time.

It's not going to mean anything if you're not the person I'm talking about.
unless you're still interested,
stop reading.

If you are my "friend" on FB,
you probably read my status about my relationship status.

I'm currently in the second part situation.
My cup(s) of tea is/are drank by someone else.

So here's the case,
there are 2 cups of tea.

nothing (too) serious.
2 really nice guys who make me smile a lot.
I enjoy the time I spend (online or in person) with them.

That's it.

There's no need to "improve" the relationship.
Because I do not want problems,
and I don't want to be a problem.

If you know who,
you know who,
*hint- not Voldermort*

if you don't,
don't ask.
Unless you can guess that I'm talking about you and you want something to happen.

Then I don't know what I will do.
We'll go there if we get there.

I miss having someone to manja,
but I don't want any strings attached.
It's too much trouble
and I don't want that either.

There are a few "new" boys in my life,
if you're not "drank",
you're not my cup of tea,
just so you know.

[not that I like boys that are taken,
it just happens that the boys that I like are taken,

If you're approaching me for relationship reasons,
I'm sorry.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. 拍拍我的头,说...

Oh yes, I'm vain!

First time I like my side profile.
So I took a few more.

The mole!

All pics are unedited
because me lazy.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. If you're expecting to read something,


What am I suppose to write?

Oh yes, I'm pretty?
Come on. We know that already.


Monday, 15 August 2011

What really happened yesterday

I have a lot of vain pics for this post.
If you're easily disgusted by vain people,
please proceed to the "X" at the top right corner of your browser.

I cut my fringe.


12 year old-ish?

Yesterday was like any other Saturday.
I woke up,
switched on my laptop,
checked mail.
My daily routine.

I saw this ad looking for female bloggers for an event that I thought was for today.
so I sent an email and right after that 
I went out with sis.

ate Bak Kut Teh for lunch.

First time I ate the dried version.

When I came back,
I did spring cleaning for my room.
Today is the one month anniversary of me moving in.

Why do I need spring cleaning 1 month moving in?


Half way through that I decided to check if I got a reply,
and I did.
But then

*ten ten ten...*
The even was for yesterday.
The ad said from 12.30 to 5.30pm
when I saw the reply it was alredy 1.30pm.

So I texted the person and told her I can't go
coz I just saw her reply.
But she insisted that I go.

So I threw on my only decent looking dress left in my closet
(coz today is supposed to be laundry day).
Rush with my make up
and I was off.
It was super crazy fast.

Took the cab all the way to G-tower.
and the rest is in the previous post.

I arrived late,
so I missed the whole introduction.
When I got there I was given a cam
and asked to play around with it.

I knew I was going to blog about the event,
I just didn't know it was ON THE SPOT.
The organizer didn't ask me to bring my laptop,
so I was stuck there like an idiot 
because I don't know how to use vaio.
I know it's the same,
but I don't have my photo editor,
so the short blog entry took uber long. 

After I finished posting my post,
I wondered around
and was asked to take pictures.
As the model,
not the photographer,
but honestly,
I suck at being either one.

A few pictures that I took.

 The sony alpha NEX-3.
For more information 
please read previous post.

I have no idea why they decide to put 2 giant chilies in the middle of the hall.

After waiting for the other bloggers
(who took forever to finish)
they said they're going to announce the winners!!

This is a competition?!

I didn't know.

There were only 5 of us
and the 2 of us who finished first
didn't get a prize.

I wonder why.

Maybe coz we didn't have our own laptops with us.
(yeah sure)

Went for dinner with sister.

when I got home,
I decided to cut my fringe.

just like that.
and so I did.

Here are a few more pics
taken yesterday night and today.

 before the cut
 after the cut

Short wig.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I swear if I had my lappy with me 
and if I knew it was a competition,
I'd do a lot better.

and another thing,

I have a new blog!!!

It's going to be a review blog.
only for the things that I use.
I'm not going to buy stuff that I don't use to do review.

Visit it,
bookmark it.
Might come in useful someday.