Saturday, 30 July 2011


My dear wigs have joined me in Subang!!!
read the title.

Yes. here goes.

Photos are as always,

I've been getting lazier and lazier to update my blog.

I dun much interesting stuff to say...


more pics.
Unedited ones.
Coz I lazy. =P

Oh how I wish that desk is mine.

My next next next cubicle neighbour. =P
 My teammates.
They sit at the row behind me. >____________<

What I've been doing for most of my 2 weeks work time.
I know I know. TSK TSK TSK.....

First Paycheck!!!!

My first own cooked dinner in Subang.
Cost... RM0.80.....

Dad came over for a marathon held by "Men's health".
LynnSay brought us to the used-to-be-called-Bavarian-Bierhaus.
I forgot what it's called now.
Deutches something.

Non halal food coming up next.
Scroll down really fast if you mind.

Pork knuckles!!

4 people ordered 2 dishes and still can't finish.
Super big portion.
I won't become a food critic,
because I dunno how.

Pork is not my favorite type of meat....

Will be watching Captain America tomorrow!!!

And getting to meet my babes too. ^____________^

Something interesting did happen to me,
but I can't tell in public. =X
If something more interesting happens you'll see it here.


That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. You know how men don't understand how women think?

We feel the same way too.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Time off

No pictures for this post. 
=) ? =( ?

I woke up laughing at 5 in the morning just now....

Taking time off from work to update my blog.

I swear I don't have work piled up next to me.
(coz we work in the virtual world. who needs paper pile up)
But seriously,
I've been quite free these almost 2 weeks of work life.
All the work I received I finished in as little time as possible.

I read this very interesting article about dreams yesterday.
(Please open in new tab)

Reading articles from Yahoo! is like my daily routine now.

I've always remembered my dreams,
because all of them are super weird.
Dreams never really do make sense,
until I read that article. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post,
I woke up laughing.

According to that article about deciphering dreams, 
(OMG I just spelled "deciphering" correctly!!)
I missed my life in UM,
well 4th college to be exact.

I was with 3 other girls,
we were eating in a hall full of other girls.
What one of the girls said that made me wake up laughing I shall no tell,
but it was funny under those circumstances. 

Why I say I miss my life in 4th from that?
Because that's what we used to do.
Easting in DS,
cracking jokes.

Those were the days,
and the days were a lot better than my actual state. 

The past shall remain in the past,
and I shall get a new future.
In Subang. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Can't wait to meet up with the girls again!