Wednesday, 15 June 2011


It's a website.

You randomly chat with anyone who's on it.
with your webcam on.
It's not dangerous
unless you give out too much information.

But you might bump into weird/disgusting stuff.

Like dicks and boob.
Ok, I know guys will be like
"wtf are you talking about?! Penises Boobs aren't disgusting!!!"

Well I'm not a guy.


I was bored,
still job hunting and all..

Proof that I'm bored--
I'm watching taiwanese drama. wth.


Well people who know me well knows that I don't watch taiwanese drama.
Coz they're lame and the story line changes once in a blue moon,
kinda like korean drama.

I went on Chatroulette.

It was my first time yesterday.
Didn't know what to expect,
but totally didn't expect dicks wth.

I met a few nice people.
You know those normal types with clothes and pants on,
and don't ask you for striptease or to flash your boobs.

Met a few people who could speak french to me.
So it was nice.

Even met a few cute guys. *wink*

Basically it's a place to know people from around the world,
thought most of them are from USA and Germany.

The first decent guy i chatted with was from Spain,
then 2 or 3 from France,
2 from India,
and 4 or 5 from USA.

But I think most of the people there (most)
are somehow looking for some relationship or to get laid,
coz once the girls see me,
they next me.

Can't we just chat? >____________<

if you'd like to take a risk
but get to know nice people from around the world,
try chatroulette.

It's not the nicest website to visit,
but it's a risk that I'm wiling to take.

how often do you get to see 20 different dicks in one night's time?


I just have to end with a picture of mine.
Meh. Vanity is my game.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au revoir~
There are nice people on chatroulette. You just have to see past all the weirdos. Good luck and have fun.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bkk Day 4- The Sight-seeing Day / The SS Day / The Bags Day

The visit to The Grand Palace.
In front of the ticketing counter,
the soldiers marched pass.

Shiah looks grumpy here.
Probably because there was sun and rain at the same time.

The bells at the top
(look closely and you'll see them)
make a very nice tinkling sound.

 The side of the Grand Palace.
 The Grand palace with the ball shaped trees.
The trees make this place look like Disney Land.
(Not that I've been to any Disney Land before........)

No comment about the Grand Palace.
I don't wanna offend anyone. =P

Entrance fee is 350baht
for 3 places.

But we only went to the palace.

(because we were the auntay gang.)
Every 5 minutes of walking we have to sit down somewhere.
Or whenever we see somewhere to sit
we'd automatically walk towards that direction.

But you know what,
we can't be blamed.
It was scorching hot that day,
and before the sun climb out from behind the temple,
it was drizzling.
Poor other auntays..

(Aunties are probably fitter than us.)

if you like to admire building structures,
you should visit the place.

After the Grand Palace,
we went to see the reclining Buddha.

The ferry to the Grand Palace is 14 bahts.
We walked to the temple of the Reclining Buddha a.k.a Wat Pho.
(Quite far actually, especially under the sun.)

Remember to wear sleeved t-shirts and long pants.
Sandals are fine.

If you don't wear those you can actually borrow them from the temples.
(But they might look weird, floral print and all)


 Showing off the ring. I LOVE it.

Bought at Platinum mall, 5th floor,
You can mix any 3 things for 35 bahts.

Nails done at Platinum mall
(mentioned in previous post)
It looks nice from afar.

T-shirt from Platinum mall
150 baht.
We bought 6 (I think) in total
so they gave "discount"
it was 200 baht each.

Earings from MBK.
25 baht each.
if you buy more you can ask for discount.
We bought 3 pairs,
so the stall keeper gave us discount.

There. Those pics should explain the second part of the post title.

Moving on,
After the temple,
we went to MBK (mall).

The stuff there were NOT cheap.
Price wise.

the bags.

The bag shops seem to be on sale at the same time when we were there.

Nothing else was worth a buy,
because it was the same price as Malaysia stuff.

The DVDs are quite affordable,
but I didn't buy any.
I prefer my external.

MBK is quite near to Siam Paragon and Siam Center.
We walked there by the overhead bridge.
Siam Center and Siam Paragon are connected.

Siam Paragon is equivalent to Pavilion KL.
Just bigger and more exquisite.
but a lot less crowded.

Students, tourists, families, couples,
you name it, they have it.

One thing that keeps catching our attention
was the students' uniforms.

Some of them wore long, beggy, over-the-knee skirts
some wore tight (when I say tight I mean panty-line-obvious-tight) pencil skirts and high heels.

Finally we figured out that 
the tight pencil skirts are for university students.

I don't know how I would react if I went to study in Thailand.


That was considered our last day in Bkk.
The next day we just took breakfast and went to the airport,
no pictures,
so not gonna write a post about that.

Conclusion for the whole trip?
Total for transportation : 335   baht +-
Total for food                 : 1117 baht +-
Total for clothing            : 940   baht +-
Total for other stuff         : 964   baht +-
Total for entrance           : 650   baht +-
Total for services           : 450   baht +-
Total for bags                 : 959   baht +-
Total for misc                  : 1001 bath +-

Total for experience, memories and lotsa love : Priceless. 

Next trip? Bali? 

Krabi? Sabah? Hong Kong? Taiwan? The moon?
Let's start saving. 

Yes, I'm talking to myself.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Had a great day today. How was your weekend?