Friday, 29 April 2011

Relationship gone wrong

What happens when your relationship goes wrong?
You try to change things that you never wanted to change,
but in the end,
when everything's said and done,
the only way out,
is to breakup. 

The problem is,

What if your ex's new girl,
is the kinda girl that you utterly dislike?

I went out with my sis
after my first paper *yay*
(that's why I didn't blog yesterday.
Had to study eventually. =P)

Had early dinner,
and suddenly she asked:
"is Mr J.O in a relationship?"

I have NO idea.

Why did she ask?
I have to tell you:

I didn't even checked his fb wall,
but she did.
I guess she missed his handsome face.

She saw this girl who was also from our high school
posted something on his wall
which started with "dear" and ended with "muaks".
*rolled eyes*

this is the kinda thing that she would do,
(and I definitely won't).

Then I was like,
this girl always does this. 
Nothing special.

And my sister said:
But look at the other post his friends posted.


End voila,
it says:
"Appreciate her ok."
And the others comment kinda pointed towards
"he's in a relationship"

Something must have happened.

I totally freaked.

Not because I'm the jealous ex girlfriend 
who's upset because her ex got a life sooner than her


I was upset because I totally don't like that girl!!!

She's the kinda girl
who is my total opposite.
talks in a high pitch, *rolls eyes again*
smiles and LOL all the time,
long hair....

I have to stress that 
I freaked because I DO NOT like the girl.

But then after talking to Mr.D,
I calmed down.
This has nothing to do with me stupid bitch.

She is the kinda girl that Mr J.O would fall head over heals for,
and he'd probably be a lot more happier with her than with me.

good luck to her.

I mean him.

I mean them. 

I don't even know if they are together. XD
Even if he's not with her,
he's definitely with someone~

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


The main reason that I freaked out,
is because I believe that the next person who your ex gets into a relationship with
defines who you are in a way.

Because I believe that people usually go for people who are "their cup of tea"

I DO NOT want to be associated with that girl.
Call me rude.

But then,
I guess it's time to change this mindset. 

by the way,
This is my lovely 
(but ke poh) big sister. 

And I won't be updating until Tuesday or later.

I will survive.................... T----------------------T

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Another post about finding Mr. Right

I was talking to someone yesterday.

One thing about me.
I am NOT an expert when it comes to relationship and dating.
Please don't ask me
coz you'll just get shitty answers.

If you think I've a lot of "dating" experiences,
You're very wrong.

I guess the thing about planning to not get married,
is that I have all the time in the world
to wait for the perfect dream guy to fall into my life.

Cause if I can't find him at the end of the day,
I won't be too sad about it.
Cause I wasn't looking in the first place.
If I happen to bump into him,

For those who are searching for your dream guy,
good luck.

It would be wonderful to set a target 
and actually achieving it.

Let's take my dream guy for example,
He's impossible to find (in Malaysia).
Tall, cute, good sense of humour, sporty, 
smart, rich, knows how to cook, knowledgeable,
speaks English well, etc etc.
(ya, I added the last one in
coz I figured the guy has to be able to communicate with my dad who doesn't speak Mandarin.)

BUT if I do (finally) bump into  him,
I would definitely go crazy head over heels over him.
*I think* 

it would be any girl's dream to find her dream guy right?


The question is,
what if you looked near and far,
up and down,
waited for almost forever,

and finally, 
you find your one of a kind dream guy

but you can't get along?

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


I think every girl should have a list.
Even if you don't end up with someone who fits,
you can tell your husband--

"see, this is what I gave up to be with you!." XD

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

FB and some other stuff

The evening view of the KLCC Fountain + Garden.

we start with "other stuff".
which is totally related to the FB part.
SO be patient.
I have (lotsa) photos posted.
No huge look-at-my-eyes headshot though...
I was........... lazy
*it's a miracle!*

miracles happen once in awhile


I went out yesterday.

I went out with Louise and her friends.
She won a photography contest
and the prize was free tickets to this show.
(and something else)

I kinda helped her win,
so I don't feel as guilty going with her.
It's a local production.
100% in Bahasa Malaysia.
(because if it's not,
even when all actors are all Malaysian and
all the scenes are shot in Malaysia,
it's not a local production.)

Very artsy kinda movie.
You know....
those kind that usually get awards.

You get what I mean.
If you don't.....

You're dumb.

Ok, this film is way~more artsy than those that win awards.
I'm not even gonna try and give a synopsis.

 Random pic of the tunnel of LRT.

Well being the oh-so-vain ME,
of course I have to take vain photos
(in the toilet of TGV Cinema, KLCC)

First photo was nice.
 Coz can't see the face. wth

Acting cool.
I love how they have this crazy ass huge mirror.
But I don't understand why they taped it at the bottom.
Spoiled my pic....

here comes the FB part.

The contest was those FB "like" contests.
I only voted because her photos are awesome and 
I didn't have to like a page before liking her photo.

Here are her pics.

back to the FB topic.
I find that those kinda "Like" contests are lame and unfair.
Because you can take a crazy ass ugly pic and STILL WIN 
because you have more "like"s than other photos which are 1 gazillion times nicer than yours.

(Not talking about Louise's photos)

Imagine if I join a model search 
and I ask my whole FB world to vote and I WIN!!

People probably wouldn't hire me as a model.

Height issue.

those kinda competitions and contests are just LAME.

Another thing.

Did you know that Malaysians spend the most time (collectively) on FB?
according to a social media (which I'm a part of *ahem*)

have to admit that I contribute a lot to that,

I DON'T think it's something to be PROUD of. wth.

It only means that Malaysians (only those who FB 10hours a day *ahem*)
would rather spend time collecting virtual crops or managing virtual restaurants 
than using that time for something useful.

Like actually doing work!!!!
(look at the staffs in UM for example... tsk tsk tsk)

Or using that time to learn something that could be useful.

Or reading facts from Yahoo! 

I'm not saying that FB (verb, not noun) is wrong,
but instead of using the time to do NOTHING,
why not spend it doing something useful?

Like sewing 
And sell them? XD
(added to the JoFfleS Collection~)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


I lied. 

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The song that's my reality

Just finished watching Hercules
the Disney version.

I can't believe they have almost all the old good Disney cartoons on youtube.

Seriously prefer old school draws cartoon than the new computer animated ones.

I'm just gonna do an entry before I continue watching the rest of the cartoons.
DON'T tell me to grow up.
No one ever said cartoons are for kids.

About the song.
I love this song a lot.
It's just not the typical Disney love song.

I had a super wonderful-ish dream just now.
Well, last night.

*you have to have somewhat a good imagination to understand the next part*

I guess I was on some kinda date
with a guy who I chat on MSN with a lot.
I've only seen him like erm...... twice.

He's this really nice guy
who kinda disappears once in awhile.
But he's been quite persistent recently on getting my number.
ok. whatever.

Let's call him Z.

So Z and I went somewhere with some other people 
(who I don't remember coz they're not that important)

the most interesting part that I want to highlight here
is when we were going up some stairs in a garden.
we were walking behind everyone else.
But not far from them.

Then I kinda felt the
Well I don't know if ya'll had that feeling before.
I haven't, 
but we've seen that a lot in films and I kinda "understood" how they felt.

he did.

He erm..... hooked my little finger with this little finger.
( I find that sweeter than holding hands. Ya, weird huh. )

And you know the scene where fireworks go off and everything.
Ya. that happened. (in my dreaming brain)

I was all happy for 2 seconds and I PULLED MY HAND BACK.

That's is so real life!!
It's like I keep waiting for something to happen
and when it does happen,

I am such a stupid bimbo freak.

End of rant.

with a vain pic.

(almost typed teehee. Damn Ryan Higa.)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

I really don't understand how the guy's brain works.
He's just complicated.

And they say girls are complicated.
*rolls eyes*

Gonna continue watching The Little Mermaid!!! 

One more thing,
Happy Easter Sunday!! 


I'm not in church................................................................. =(