Saturday, 23 April 2011

The day I (finally) went out

Webcam pic.

Finally got to take a pic with my webcam after about 2 years using my lappy.

I finally went out with hp.

This is what I was holding.
RM 3.90.
It's actually ice + a huge piece of jelly + cut fruits + 1 nata de coco. 

I saw this really cute pen.
Check out the price tag.
It's a PEN!!

Crazy sale at Vincci.

And I was super sad coz I'm very broke.
Didn't even want to go in and take a look....

I think there was this play boy girl search.

In my opinion,
they weren't really hot.
I mean for play boy standard.

They were just wearing sexy clothes.

Well it was for the Playboy fragrance promotional thing.

 End with a vain photo.

I didn't really have fun.
Going out when you're almost broke is NEVER FUN. 

Missing out on the sale.

There's even a Beauty Fair 
from 22-24 April
(till tmr)
Which I didn't even bother going near.

coz I know I'd be super sad. 
They always have great deals for falsies!!


For those of you in KL who might take a bus,
starting April 14,
you now have to get a Touch n Go card for the RapidKL buses.

Or you can get  a normal Touch n Go card that you can use for LRT and the highway.
( I suggest you get a normal TnG card)

The card costs RM2 by itself.
You can buy it when you're on the bus.
there's a machine.
Meaning if you give the machine RM10,
your actual credit will be RM8.

I was kinda bummed by the card thing.
Luckily I have a TnG card.
Not sure what to do 
so I asked the driver.

He said if you scan twice
(once you get on and before you get off)
the bus fee will be only RM0.80.
If you didn't or forget to scan it when you get down,
the fee will be RM1.
Well for "T" buses anyway.

So make sure you remember!!

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I'm gonna make my first Vlog soon.

Friday, 22 April 2011

The braid

Finally handed in my final year project!
I have no idea what to put on the cover....

* look! I'm almost as thin (wide) as an A4 paper!!! XD*

As you can see,
it's called Curiosité,
or Curiosity in English.
I can't type straight anymore.
The French keyboard is just different.

back to the topic.

As you can see here
This is how long my fringe has grown into.

I decided to try and braid it.

Something like this.
It's kinda like (one of) Nicole Richie's trademark.
(when she had long hair)

So here's mine.
 I like this pic.
Well, it's more of a drawing...

Well obviously my hair is not long enough
but I like the look.

Can't take photos from the front,
coz you won't be able to see the braid.
You'll be looking at my forehead instead.

I don't like to show my forehead 
coz it's high...
Kinda look bald.

Notice I was wearing the floral top at the final 2 photos,
and a round neck in the drawing photo?

It's coz I've been wanting to go out
but I can't find people to come along.

Everyone also busy "studying".

When the heck will I find someone who can go out with me??!!!

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I think I didn't get the job of which I went for an interview two weeks ago...

Time to get a new one!

Boy I hate interviews. >______________<

One more thing...
I cut myself quite deep just now.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Flawless skin


I've been typing using the French keyboard
(which is somewhat different from the English keyboard)
I can't type properly anymore.

anyone who knows me
or has seen me in real life would know that this pic is edited.

my eyes are not that wide,
I don't have such nice skin.
I'm not this fair.

I hate why fair=more attractive in the eastern side of the world.

Other than that, 
I find that flawless skin is preferred,
no matter which side of the world you're on.
And I agree.

I don't find that people who have fair skin are more attractive,
but I find people with really nice skin attractive.

Like models.
They might not be prettiest in the bunch,
but they have good skin.

Been going through Xiaxue's blog.
She has this perfect (and fair) skin.

Ok, she edits her photos,
but I find her flawless skin believable.

Why do I find flawless skin more attractive?

Coz if I have flawless skin,
I can pretty much skip make up.

I usually wear make up because of my dark eye circles
and pimple scars.
I wish the scars will fade in no time,
but they've been more loyal than anything else that should be loyal.
Even if I don't pop them,
they leave dark brown scars.
that's how bad my skin is.

If I can have wishes coming true now,
one of them would be flawless or near flawless skin.

If any of you know how to get rid of scars,


that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

This blog.
She's one of my visitors.
I got stuck at 
this page.

But then,
it's been open since then.
Coz I like her songs.
I've been listening to the songs in her song list
since this afternoon.

Monday, 18 April 2011

So many ppl long piak don't see you long piak


Been quite silly.

I had an assignment that I had to send by email to my lecturer.
It was due last week.
I sent it to him last week.

When I checked if he replied,,
I got an email from postmaster.

Which means bad news.

I've added an extra "." to his email address.
So I resent it.

Still no reply.

I figured it was Friday 
and maybe he doesn't check his mail during weekends.
So I waited till today.

Afternoon 2pm
still no reply.

Got a little panicked.
The assignment was 20marks!
So I sent another email asking if he received my mail.

Still no reply!!!

Then I got a message from Louise
asking us to send the assignment ASAP.

I asked Elaine (my other coursemate) the lecturer's email.
End up the second time (and third) I sent the email,
I had an extra "r".

So silly.
I have no idea what is happening to me.
Keep doing silly things.
My memory is leaving me too.
Can't really remember things properly.....

What is wrong?

I'm a member of
(formerly known as but they changed the name coz they figured that people who are not youth should have a say too.)

They've been giving out prizes for some.... 12 days?

I really need cash... 

So this is for

and this is for you, my visitors/readers/stumble-upon-ers.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. the poor guy that I mistakenly emailed must be wondering why the heck does this person keep sending him emails in french. XD

what are the odds that there are 2 almost exact same spelling for email addresses?
I bet the guy keeps getting wrong mails. =P

First crazy memory

I didn't go clubbing.

Went to watch "Rio" 
with Elensha, Mun and Louise.

It's a funny show.
Cute too.

the photo above was when we were in the arcade.
Because our movie was at 11.15 P.M.
we had nothing to do after the shops closed.

Only group photo I took.
Others are not with me.

Was totally unplanned.
Louise posted Rio's preview in FB
and I offered to go with her.

Didn't expect it to be right away.
Had lotsa fun though.

was reading someone's blog just now.

And I miss the feeling
when I had someone to miss.
Someone to love,
secretly love,
and to have a silly little smile plastered on my face  
just because of some silly little thing the person did.

Or even be sad 
because of something the person didn't do.

I guess sometimes,
you feel more alive,
when you have someone to live for.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


As much as I don't feel like getting into a relationship anytime soon,
I feel that it would be nice to have someone special to care for~
Just for me.