Saturday, 9 April 2011

The nerve wreck

I went for an interview yesterday morning.

Very nerve wrecking.

I got there an hour earlier coz it was at 9am
and I thought there was gonna be a terrible traffic jam.

I was very wrong.
But better early than late!!

I got there early,
filled in the other set of forms,
found a photocopy machine,
but I can't use it!!

It's only for people there.
If I don't belong there,
I don't have an account.

So I asked a lady,
and she said there's a shop
for non-belongers.
So I went upstairs and I couldn't find it.
I asked a group of people sitting there,
and one of them volunteered to help me make copies!!

He is such a gentleman.
After copying 2 sets of my certs,
(I didn't being my photocopied versions. Stupid bitch),
I asked him where do I pay
and he said,
"I've paid for you.
They deduct the money from my account."

And I was so embarrassed.

Such a nice guy.
If I get the job I might get to see him again.

after that,
I went to the reception and announced my arrival.
And waited for the person in-charge.

the whole thing begins.
I definitely give a not so good first impression.
Coz I didn't save my presentation slides into my pendrive.

Stupid bitch.

But I went on using the white board.

When the real interview started,
I was totally nervous,
I keep shivering.

I'd say that they like me,
but did my skills blew them away?
I wouldn't bet on that.

Will I get the job?
I'll find out in 2 weeks time. 
Hopefully YES!! 

I found this baby in the mall next to the interview place.

Didn't have enough RM1 to pay for the parking so 
went to the mall and tried to get some change.
So I bought this.
It's RM7.

I am totally in LOVE!!

It's cheese spread.
I didn't even know that this kinda things existed!!
It's kinda like butter that you spread on bread,
but it's CHEESE!!!

And my favourite flavour!!

that's what J_fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I would like to thank the people that helped me for this interview!!

Dear Lynn Say, for lending me the car. 
Su Han, You Xin, Jee Yeng and Wei Qian for being my white rats,
My dear bro CF for going on a joyride with me. XD
He accompanied me when I went to "hunt" for the place the night before.
I went once and was lost. Came back and found help!!
He decided to help on the spot~
I don't care what others say,
you've always been reliable.

The gentleman well,
he's very young,
so gentle boy.
You really helped a lot
even the copies didn't come to use after all. 

Last but not least,
thx to Cocoro for agreeing to help,
even before I told her what it was.
Even though you didn't make it,
thanks for that enthusiasm.
A friend who I knew too late indeed.
Don't worry,
we'll definitely have chances to go out together after this!!!
>_______________ l

Notice what's missing?

Monday, 4 April 2011

Fever + Flu

Here's the problem.
When you have fever and flu,
which do you cure first?

If we cure fever,
the flu will worsen,
when we have fever we take 
"cold" stuff to pull down the temperature.

When we have flu
we take "hot" stuff to pull up the temperature.
Coz we have a cold.

I asked Michelle for some herbal tea
and I got 3 bottles.

1 from Michelle,
1 from unknown person
Coz I was sleeping when she sent it over,
(but I guess it's from Sim Yean)
the third one is from


Really appreciate it.

So sad that I get to know Cocoro so late.
We would've been really close. 

before I go,
I just have 1 more thing to say~

Juz kidding. =P

Coz I'm sure that no guy knows that I'm sick. XD

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Anyone wanna donate one or two handkerchiefs?