Thursday, 31 March 2011

The stupid reality

I blogged about my choices,
time to make them.

It's not a good time to go through.

Here I am wrecking my brains out,
and I chatted with Mr.D who didn't make it any better.

Consulting someone who's started working,
might not be a good idea after all.
I just need someone to talk to
and he's usually always there. =p

He's been out there and he knows the reality and working life and all.
But he hasn't had tertiary education 
(I'm sorry I have to bring this up, but really, no offence dear)
So he's perspective is quite different from mine.

What he said is quite true I guess.

For most jobs.

If two people went for an interview,
One with experience,
one without experience,
bigger possibility is that the one with experience gets the job
even if the one without experience has one or two degrees under his or her belt.

The thing is,
it doesn't apply to some jobs.
Like a teacher perhaps.
I think when it comes to teaching,
knowledge is important.
we have to have a certain amount of knowledge to teach.

Experience would be an advantage,
but ultimately,
I think knowledge wins.
That's why they require people to have PhD to teach here.
It requires a certain level of maturity to teach.

My conclusion?
Unless you're studying for something very professional,
(lawyer, doctor, accountant, etc)
or something very specific
(most science subjects)
you might as well start working.
If your job requires you to continue studying
then you continue.

After all that,
I still have no idea what the hell I'm gonna choose.
*bangs head against wall*

it should be S.M.S anyway.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I'm hooked on Survivor thought I don't think I wanna be friends with any of them. =P
It's a show where you find out how nasty people can be when money's at stake.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I see

Another MAB photo

I went to see my Academic Advisor yesterday for a chat.

I actually went there to tell him that I put his name down as a referee for a job I applied.
The college called me yesterday and asked me to consider and interview.

After I chatted with Jean, my AA,
he gave me a whole lot of choices.

The best choice?
I can't figure out which is better.

Choice 1
Get another degree and apply to work for the UN.
Since I know many languages, 
I'd be an asset in UN as a Malaysian,
coz according to him,
there aren't enough Malaysians,
the problem is
my degree in Languages and Linguistic is worth nothing there.


Choice 2
Get a masters degree.
But for that I have to get a scholarship first.
Call the Canadian embassy or French embassy for help.
The thing is,
I don't really have confidence in myself.
A smart girl I know I am,
But I know my laziness will surely kill me.


Choice 3
Start working.
Most people say that they'll continue studying
after they work for some time,
but then that's it.
Almost all of them never do continue.


Choice 4
Work as a teacher and get a teaching scholarship.
I know for a fact that the French embassy gives scholarship to teachers.
They get to go to France and study for 4 years.
But after that there's a bond I guess.


Jean said he doesn't see me as a teacher
coz I'm the quiet type.

He's advice to me,
is to get a scholarship and get a masters degree if not a phd.
Get as high as possible while I'm still young.

He said that in France when you're 23,
you're supposed to get your masters degree ALREADY.
So he always thought I was a young(er) girl still.

Information overload.
Now I have so many choices I seriously have to seriously think about them all.

But you know what,
I had a thought about a month ago
that I want to get a law degree after I finish this one.


But I'll might get to work for UN!!

that's wat J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. I'm a quiet person??!!

that guy is driving me crazy again,

Monday, 28 March 2011

Fairy tales end sad too

Excuse the blue lines.
My phone's camera is having problems.

Yesterday night (27 March) was our college prom.
College as in Residential College,
not study college.

that night was almost a fairy tale.


I uploaded all the photos from my phone,
and none of them 
were taken with my babes,

there's just this 1 photo taken with Soon Loong 
coz everyone else was busy taking photos
and we were the two doing nothing.

It's just too bad I missed the chance to take photos with the juniors as a group.
It's hard to take photos one by one with them.

It was almost a fairy tale,
why fairy tale?
Coz everyone was dolled up
and I get to eat baby octopuses ^__________________^.

Why did it fall short?
Coz I wasn't happy.
I'm just going through a tough time.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I kinda catch slight emotional reactions sometimes.

I noticed something that day, 
and I'm upset about it.

I choose to stay silent from now on.