Saturday, 22 January 2011

Two weekends ago... --_____________--lll

I am such a slacker...

here's the deal.
Every year,
we have a CC trip.
CC means Chinese Community in our residential college.
NOT cyber cafe.

This year,
we went to Fraser's hill.
I went alone..
I mean,
well there are other ppl as well of course,
but my friends didn't go....

I felt guilty coz I was the organizer last year
and I kept asking people to go,
so if I didn't go...
I dunno.
I wanna shoot it and burn it and shoot the ashes.


This was how it looked like when we arrived. Cool is the word.
However you wanna use it. 
 My room number.
6 to an apartment, but mine only have 5, so I slept alone....
See, there's two single beds. I took the one on your right.
Coz it's less facing the mirror...
Scary to sleep facing the mirror ok...
 Games session~ This is obscene and therefor funny as KevJumba. XD
OK, KevJumba is not obscene, but he's funny.
 We're supposed to tie a fruit tied to a string at our waist and swing them to hit another fruit 
until we reach the finishing line.
 Sounds easy, wait till you try. XD
 Erm... they were playing with bubbles...
 Another scene where there's fog... Seems like a scene from Harry Potter... >___________<
These two photos (above and 2 below) were taken during our "treasure hunt".
I only managed to take 3 photos coz I was in-charge of writting down the answers during the hunt.
Anyway, the hunt was super fun!!

Group photo. 
(our treasure hunt group was named WBK,
after the taller guy in the photo
 coz he was the ajk in charged of our group. wtf)
See the sign behind them,
that's a sign(board) that shows 
Selangor and Pahang.
See the dotted line(?) in the middle of the road?
that's actually the borderline between Selangor and Pahang. 
But how cool is that?! XD
I made the photo extra large so that you can see it properly.

We made tang yuan up there at 11.30pm. XD
It was very nice, have that warm family feeling 
when we all (well, only some of the girls and erm... 2 boys(?)) sat and chat.

The rabbit was made by yours truly,
they ask us to make rabbit shaped,
coz it's the rabbit year.
I did it coz it was fun. XD

After swimming in the hot soup (that was tasteless) my rabbbit lost his ears. T---------------T 
A junior made these. (above and below)

Next morning~
 This the is view from our balcony which I only stepped on for the first time to take these pics.

 Final SS photo before leaving our rooms
I was holding a towel because...
it was lent to us by the management
and we had to give it back 
so I just held it.
To show you how cold Fraser's hill is,
they even have a chimney.

 Now, the slow tour around the hill again.
 Looks like a movie shooting scene.
 Their police station is so nice!! It was built in 1919 by the way. 
(one of the answers to the treasure hunt) XD

 The very important clock tower.
Which always shows 6.03. or is it 6.04? 

Back at the borderline 
 Moving on,

The thing I wanted to show in this pic, 
is the black sign with red words.
 This first view

 Look at those frogs!! So cute right?!!!
 And they swing with you if you sit on the swing. Weee~
 The back of the house/ Restaurant

 Yes I'm a tourist.
Look at that bungalow.
There are tons of bungalows up there.
Every bend you turn you'll find a sign that says XXX bungalow,
and yes, they're all named.

The flowers by the road are actually tended to. 
People come and water them and de-weed. them. 
Ok, I dunno the word for killing the weeds.

Time to leave...
I so dun wanna leave the place... >____________<
Although I went alone,
I got to know a few juniors,
and after yesterday, I guess CC trip paid off. ^______________^

by the way, we have a lot of group pictures. XD

Overall rating for trip? 3 and 1/2 stars, 
overall rating for hill? 5. 
overall rating for weather on the hill?

out of 5.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~