Thursday, 6 January 2011

The first week of 2011

First day of the year,
I stayed at my sister's place
and only left for dinner.

Second day
church and back to sisters place.
Moved back to college.

I like it better in college.
Less freedom in sister's place
but she has fridge there....
and stove...

It's be great if college has those too....
Dream on babe.

3rd Jan 2011,

No class.
I lied.
I had 2 classes,
2 were cancelled,
skipped the 3rd.
Which was sad,
coz that's the only class which the lecturer showed up.

I went to Midvalley with 
Li Ee a.k.a Agnes
and King Fong.
Redbox to be exact.

Sang from 1-6something.
It was supposed to last till 5pm
but I guess there aren't many people 
so they let us sang longer.

most of the singing (shouting) were done by Susan and I
most of the emo-ing by Ee and Jason the super duper emo king of the whole universe
and King Fong basically went there to sit and listen. (?)

 before my haircut.
My fringe is still long.
Haven't take a photo after the hair cut...

After that the other babes came
had dinner at Pizza Hut,
as Ee will be going back to Japan. (today)

4th Jan 2011
Officially started class
1 hour class and that was it.
I wanted to finish a page of my thesis
but then I got stuck to this
and this keeps showing up
For those of you who don't know what this is

It means get the F--- off your a--, you've been playing this game for too long.

They're thoughtful.
They make an addictive game
and give warning to people who are addicted.

I didn't do much for that day because of this game.
When the warning thing pop up
I switched to my iPhone.

FMThesis. XD

5th day of 2011
Iban class at 8.00am.
It was nice.
The lecturer was a fun person.

Went to a lecture that I didn't pay much attention.
coz it's boring and
the lecturer keeps reading from a paper.

The next class was nice.
Communication for employment.
There are 4 Koreans in my class.
One wanted to go to another class because she didn't want to stick with her Korean friends.
That's the way we should learn right?
Make new friends.

Spent the rest of the day

went for 10min tutorial. --______________--lll
The tutor was my Iban language lecturer!!!
So I unofficially became the class monitor.
double --______________--lll

when I was on my way to the next class
I saw this

It was raining the whole day since I woke up.
I think the kenari tried to break and it kinda slipped.

The bluish stuff on the road
are pieces of the broken windows.
The windscreen of the car is severely cracked.

And it did this to the railing.

He must have been driving really fast.

Speaking English confidently was a fun class.

We had activities and we can run around the class.
Enjoying my English courses.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Has anyone noticed that the government tax has increased 1% and is now 6%?
For KFC, McD and stuff.