Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I need a....

Not Dr. Dre kinda doc.
I need a real doc.

Down with diarrhoea
and my kitchen is renovating
so I can't cook anything to eat.

I'm too lazy to walk out and tapao oily food
which would make the diarrhoea worse
and no one can send me any food
coz my friends dun have transport
or are working.

I had to walk to a clinic
which is ok
coz there are 4 clinics nearby.

Bad news is
when I reach there it was 2pm.

1 of them was closed for lunch
from 12-3pm.
I wonder what the doctor has for lunch that takes that long....

The second one I went to was opened at 2pm
but the doctor will only be there at 2.45pm.

So what's the fucking point of opening the clinic at 2pm?
I don't know about other ppl,
but I usually go to the clinic to see the doctor
and not to enjoy the air-conditioning.

When I finally found a clinic with a doctor,
the doctor wouldn't really listen to what I had to say
She just gave me gastric meds
and tell me what not to eat.

Screw the doctors.

I need a boyfriend. =/

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Dear Sam,
please get well soon

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