Sunday, 20 November 2011

LOL and other girl stuff

Taken this morning during a photoshoot.

Went for a stand-up comedy show on Friday night.
Bronze section,
which is the "cheap seats"
They're in inverted commas coz....
they're not cheap. 
RM80 is after 10% discount for AMEX users.

My sister said after she bought the tickets, sold SILVER section tics for RM79.

My seat is next to the girl in black.
Who is my sister.
Not too bad right...

Let's take a look again.
My seat is where the guy in the green shirt is standing.
(My sister's Bf)
Not that bad right?

See the guy in the green shirt now?
That's how far back we were.

Not too bad right?
We were on the second floor. 

Some of the comedians were hilarious,
but some were... MEH.
(You know it's bad when "meh" is in capital letters.)
Not gonna name fingers and point names though.

Saturday was an unplanned planned crazy not so crazy day.
Said it.
It was unplanned because I didn't decide until yesterday.
Planned coz I planned out what to do in the morning.
I went out with Jason my super emo sister/bro.
So glad he came with me coz it was totally last minute.
You know I love you. 

There was a fashion blogger sale in Damansara Perdana.
Price range is from Rm1 (accesories) -... Very expensive.
I didn't go searching for the most expensive stuff
but I saw a crazy nice Aldo shoes which costed RM527.
They're second hand,
So I thought it should have been cheaper....

I saw some really cool and pretty bloggers there.
the people there seemed so pretty!!
All of them!!

I bought 3 pieces of clothing.
But After trying them on......

Left there and went to 1U for more shopping.
 The Jason.
 The bimbo
The drink.
Super sweet Caramel Cream. 


I was supposed to do a review,
but for now,
it's just gonna be a comparison.

Left and right are pictures before face reshaping facial. Centre pic is after. 

It's a face reshaping (slimming) facial.
Do you see any difference?

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. I'm definitely gonna post pictures of the photoshoot.
There are so many lovely pics!!
Waiting for photographers to upload though.


  1. Not sure whether it's because of the angle u took ur photo or ur face really become slimmer.

  2. and i end up shop for nothing but a cup of starbuck...