Monday, 28 November 2011

Johnny Walker- Black Circuit Brazil

As the title says,
it's about Johnny Walker November 2011,
which happened 2 days ago.

It was my first time,
so I was uber excited!!

The look.

I went there and saw the super hot girls
and I looked like I was 12.
The girl who got me in- Karen
The pass
The usher/performer
Took this pic while we were waiting to "log in"
to facebook
which didn't appear on the profile.

I was so going to be like
"take that bitches who went to HA but didn't get to come here"

Y U NO LOG IN???!!! 
The crowd queuing to get in.
The crowd
This was before the whole thing started
everyone was still calm.
The stage and the opening DJ doing her thing.
Before the event started.
Halfway through the party and we went outside to camwhore.
  The cool cars parked right outside KL Live. 
The Myvi seemed to be lost.... =p
Or so everyone says.

The Teh Ais of Johnny Walker with a Rose petal on top.
Ya sure.
It's Gold Label mixed with milk
and some other stuff I guess.
It has a cool name though.

"For Romeo."

 Our 2nd or 3rd bottle...
I was still sober after a few glasses.

 Another pic of the girls.

The party was as boring as the post.
Nuff said.

It'd be a lot nicer it I went with a whole bunch of friends
instead of just 1.
No offence to Karen,
Numbers do affect the party.

The only fun part was checking out what the other ppl.
All the gorgeous girls,
What they were wearing
How low their dress cut,
or how high were the heels.

Guys were...
They wore black/grey suits and some even wore t-shirts.

We left at 11pm.

Imagine that.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. you shud have mix with the other bloggers

  2. hahaha. love your view on the event

  3. Jessy: I should, but the problem is... I don't know where the bloggers are, and I don't know them...

    Serge: Erm... Thanks? XD I guess my view is- no view...

  4. j_fish : there is no such thing as no view. what you wrote is already a view

  5. I read so many other bloggers blogging about this and having so much fun! Next time need to shout out on FB first who's going and plan to meet the rest there :)

  6. Someone did shout out, but I think I was the only one who replied...

  7. Should have campur'ed with us, we were at the tables nearest to the stage.