Sunday, 25 September 2011

You are society

The dark make up look
Hair extensions curtesy of my new best friend. =)

It's a wake up call post,
a.k.a philosophical post,
so if you hate these stuff,
buzz off. 

Everytime I hang out with my sister
I get something to write about.

You are society. 
When you think or say:
"The society thinks that...."
"The society doesn't think that...",
please be reminded of this post,
and these words.

You are part of society. 

If you think that you should or should not do something
because of how our society perceives it,
you're wrong. 

We were talking about clubbing while having lunch.
I said I met a friend who's a clubbing king,
and my sister's reaction was:
no good. 

(The general) Society (of Malaysia) thinks that clubbing is negative
because of religious issues, or moral standards.
Because they perceive that people who go to clubs
are morally unhealthy.
They drink,
they have "fun" in every kind of way. 

there are people who go to clubs

just to relax and have fun. 

Now those of you who doubt relaxing in clubs are possible,
you should understand that there are people who prefer loud music,
like how you like sitting at home and doing nothing,
or shopping till you drop. 

(I'm not a clubbing kinda person, so I'm not rooting for them coz of that)

You cannot and should not judge a person by what they like. 

[Because I hate it when people thinks that people who care about their outlooks are stupid or shallow]
{just because you're too lazy to do something to make yourself more attractive doesn't make you smart, it just makes you lazy.}

They live their lives as they like it.
Unless what they do will bring negative effects to other people,
like smoking for instance,
then you should say something about it. 
Because it influences your health too. 

Back to clubbing.

You are society.
If everyone or the majority or society 
changes their mind and thinks that clubbing is not a big problem,
will people who go to clubs still be perceived as "bad people"?

If you change how you think,
the society changes,
it might take a long time to change how everyone thinks,
but eventually,
it'll get through. 

You are society,
don't let society tell you what to do,
you should be telling the society what to do,

Sometimes people think that positive thinking is naive,
but no, not all who think positive are naive. 
Some of us choose to think positive 
because there's no reason to be negative. 

It could be that the negative part is the truth,
but there can be miracles,
when you believe. 

We know both sides of the story,
we just chose to believe that things will get better in time

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

I found the reason of me staying single.

Other than being too picky

I hate the feeling of losing someone to rely on. 
If I have a BF, 
I would rely on him a lot,
no matter how independent I am or try to be. 

If we break up,
I'll be alone and rely-less. 
So I'd rather live without the chance of relying on anyone,
because I can't cope with the emptiness that losing someone brings.

But then it's also possible that I haven't met the person who I would willingly break this rule for, yet. 

Are you out there?


  1. The whole post reminded me of tattoos...

  2. People with tattoos, at least in Asia, especially big ones & ones of dragons & whatnot, are labeled as gangsters or perceived to at least behave like one... & it took decades to actually get people to accept that not all with tattoos behave as such...