Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A time to be patient and persevere

There's a time for everything,
and now is the time for me to believe that everything will turn out better
and I will make it through this effing storm.

I'm not doing well right now.
I've never been good at planning,
and it's getting right back at me.

I feel like such a loser
coz I'm a working adult
and I can't even afford my basic needs.
It sucks when you want to live your dream,
but reality wins anyway.

I have to either change my lifestyle,
or find a new job that can offer more.

For me,
the latter is easier.
Especially when I just started not long ago.
It's not too late to turn away.

It's hard to persevere
when you have a friend who keeps brainwashing you
about other higher paying jobs out there.

And you feel like you're so stupid for persevering
because you know what he said is the truth,
and you're being stupid for staying.
There are plenty of better paying jobs out there,
why am I here?

Because I wanna do something that is related to languages.

But in the end of the day,
I need money to survive,
to have a good life.

Not just enough money to survive through the month
and rely on credit cards and loved ones when something happens
and I need money.

I shall persevere and be patient.
Until the deadline comes.
In about a month's time from now,
I shall make my decision.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s.  I really miss Uni life,
but no matter what I do,
I can't go back.
Not yet.

Do you like the header?


  1. hang in dere girl..im hanging too...

  2. Yup. You have to hang longer. XD

  3. What i thought of is..have money when something happen to loved one..
    Emo topic lol. But the reality is really killing me..

  4. i like the header, very pretty!! Look at the bright side, you can always find job that you like with good pay, win win!!

    Love Da Jie

  5. Well there'll be a time in everyone's life where one feels like a absolute loser & everything around go against one's wishes. of course, that includes barely surviving the month. but go ask any successful person on the planet, & they'll tell you if you'll follow your dream, things might even take a turn for the worse for a time, but eventually the shitty days will pass. your time to shine will come.

    Even though holding on to one's dreams is never easy, it's what makes you human. a person without dreams is no different from a walking dead.