Thursday, 22 September 2011

Reasons to stay

 After the emo post,
I figured that I should do a post to remind me why I stick with my current job. 

Here goes. 

Reason 6: I get to drink free Chatime. =D
I got free Chatime for 3 days in a row!!

First cup of Chatime I've ever drank. 
Came after lunch right after I made a cup of coffee. 
I felt like throwing up after finishing both of them. 

Second cup of Chatime in my life.  
Third cup of Chatime was today. Mango flavoured. 

I still need to camwhore,
even if it's with a cup and straw.  

Chatime opened a new outlet near my office,
and everyone seems to have Chatime fever coz they have Buy 1 get 1 free promotion. 
This reason is not really valid 
coz after the promotion ends,
I'd probably not get free Chatime anymore. 
Oh well. 

Reason 5: I get to FB and MSN.
Which makes people green with envy. 
Coz FB and MSN just makes working a lot nicer.

At least if I'm bored,
I can always find someone to kacau. 

Reason 4: It has something to do with what I studied in Uni. 
Nuff said. 

Reason 3: I don't need to wear office wear to work. 

Which means I can doll up whenever I want 
or just throw on a t-shirt and jeans whenever I feel lazy. 

Reason 2: I have a very nice bunch of colleagues 

Look, they brought me to drink beer. 
Tsk tsk tsk .... Bad influence. 

And the last and most important reason- 

Time passes so slowly when I'm in the office
that if I don't leave the office,
I can stay young for a very very long time!!!



That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. The Ray October issue is coming out real soon and guess who's in it!!

I hope they edited the pictures coz the last time I saw them I look like a 30 year old lady. 

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