Tuesday, 9 August 2011

WTF post

New specs.

You know the fakes ones that ppl I know would call Lala don't have lens?

Just a few things I wanna say.

I went shopping at Sunway Pyramid last Saturday.
If you saw a girl in a "tourist" T-shirt, alone,
that's probably me.

I went to Secret Recipe for dinner.
First of all,
the waiter/waitress didn't serve me right.
Didn't even bother to bring the menu even after I sat down.
Maybe they thought I was in there to smell the sweetness of their cakes.

But when another family came in
one of the waitresses followed them in like a puppy dog

WTF man.
Just because I'm alone doesn't mean I'm not your customer ok.

Why I was pissed was first of all,
I came BEFORE the family,
and second of all,
no offence to my Muslim friends,
I'm just pointing out a fact.

It was 6pm. 
Even if they ordered first,
it's not like they're going to eat YET.

After I ordered,
(I had to ask for the menu btw),
I started playing the games on my phone.

When my food came,
of course I started eating.
Since I was alone,
I kept looking around,
and you know what?

The whole shop was filled with who I assume are Muslims.
(because they were there before me and none of them have food on their tables).

Here's the thing,
they kept staring at me,
some gave me disgusted looks.

WTF (again) man.
This is a restaurant,
you know,
the place where people EAT.

I'm sorry you can't eat,
I know you're hungry,
but when you sit in a restaurant,
and you see people eating,
PLEASE don't give me those looks.

I was there to eat, so I ate.
I'm not guilty,
but their looks made me feel like I'm doing something wrong.
WTFFFFFFF. (third, fourth fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, ninth) 
[Ok, just joking. that's counted as once.]
Even the crew of the restaurant looked at me satu macam....

I hope ya'll are not finding this ironic
coz I talked about racism in my previous post
and now I'm complaining about others.

Just so you know,
I'm not talking about race.

I hate people who smoke, and drink.
(Drink until the point where you can't remember the last time you pissed).

so drinkers are not so bad,
at least if they die they die.
Smokers kill you before they die.

If you're a smoker and you're offended,
here's what I posted on my status.
"Dear smokers, I don't mind if you want to kill yourself, but I would like to die because of something I did rather than what others do. Yes, you have all the right to smoke, but by smoking you are violating every other non-smoker's right to have fresh air. Please go and die in a corner and don't drag others along with you. Thank you for your co-operation.

There's this guy whom I recently known
is exactly like that. (smoker n drinker)
I have no idea what kinda girl in her right mind would fall for him.
Other than the fact that he smokes and drinks,
he also thinks that asking favors from someone who you just know is cute.

You think girls like to be treated like maids?
He's totally one of those guys who thinks that girls are there to serve him.
WTF (fourth time) man.

For guys out there,
no decent girl would love a smoker/drinker.

I told him that he should stop,
you know the "it's bad for your health" talk,
then his answer is totally WTF (fifth time).

He ask me to find him a gf then he'll stop.

You think I want to kill my friends by introducing a smoker to them?

He's not the only one who thinks asking me to be a maid for him is being nice.
Where do these people come from?!

I bought a few things from the Internet,
which further supports my theory of Internet stuff sucks. 

It's not really about the material,
but more about the design.
You know how some clothes looks gorgeous in photo
but when you put it on you feel like dying?

That didn't really happen.
My dress was still acceptable.
But the pocket of the t-shirts are out of place.
They're almost in the middle.
WTF. (lost count wtf)
I bought couple t,
but i'm gonna wear both.

One more thing,
I bought body shampoo 
and when I was pouring it into the bottle,
I read the instructions.
Don't wtf me.

But the English version of the instructions really is WTF.

So we're suppose to practice making "creamy lather" on the cleansing puffs?
At least the BM version made sense. 

So I'll just slap on a few unrelated pics,
and that's all folks. 
 My new nail colour. 

Two vain pics and......

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
Been getting hungry very soon after eating recently.

Sorry to the Muslims out there if I offended you.

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  1. i face d same thing too in MC D!
    but me n my fren jz ignored them. ==
    nextime wanna shop with u aso leh~~~~~~~><