Thursday, 4 August 2011

Who's the racist?

[Edited 4/8/11, 3.46pm]

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I would like to give my 2 cents or 2000000000 cents (whichever is more convincing)
about the "racist" ad by a certain Malaysian TV channel about Ramadan.

If you've seen it,
you know what I'm talking about;
if you haven't,
I can't help you
coz the video has been wiped off the face of Youtube.
And I don't really remember them.
Them, because it was a series of ads.

I assume that the ad was deemed racist by Chinese,
because "we" are offended by the chinese girl who "did all the wrong things".

First of all,
how many of you do think it's a racist ad?
If you do,
I think you're gonna rate this as "Dislike" at the bottom.

I wasn't offended.
Except the part where she changed into a baju kurung (or is it baju kedah) at the end of the vid.
I just thought that wasn't the best choice of clothing (to change into)
A simple t-shirt would suffice I guess.
I get it,
we're not supposed to reveal too much skin,
but I'd say they overdid it.
Like my colleague said:
so we have to get a baju kurung to buy things now?
It kinda sends out the wrong message,
get what I mean?

Going back to racism.

I just want to say,
if you're a racist,
you'll see the ad as a racist ad.
If you're not a racist but you find that the ad is a racist ad,
you're a racist.


Why do I say that?

Only a racist will see the "character" as a Chinese.
If you don't get what I mean,
ask someone to help you.

I mean,
I saw the girl as a Malaysian who offended the Muslims by the way she acted.
Not a Chinese girl who offended the Muslims by the way she acted.
If the girl who took that character happens to be a Chinese, then so be it.

Like my friend said (paraphrased):
Use Chinese will offend Chinese, use Indian will offend Indian, they are going to end up using a Caucasian in the end.

(Caucasians might be offended too. =P)

Here's a message to all of you out there who thought that the ad was racist:
If you want to be seen as equals, see equally.
If you want to be called Malaysian, call yourself a Malaysian instead of your race.

See past the "race" issue and understand what the ad tried to convey.

Change the way you see the world and the world will be a better place.

So I found a link to the ad I was talking about.
Open in new tab please.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. In case you want to share this, Don't.

It's not my best picture.

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  1. Agreed with u..From my point of view,there is nothing wrong with the ad..I wasnt offended at all..