Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Simple (but long) update. ♥


I've started working.
This is the view from the window near my cubicle.

It's near. I don't have a window.

First day of work.
I didn't have anything to do until
day 3,
which was yesterday.

Finally started work
and it's not fun.

Working in office IS NOT FUN!!

I tried an OXY product.
I have the whole set,
and I was thinking since I wanna get pimple gel,
I might as well get it from OXY too.
Bad decision.

My face was swollen
and it was super itchy
for the whole night night before and day yesterday.

The crazy itch stopped only after I slapped a few cotton pads
soaked in toner.
For some reason,
I'm only allergic to that product.
My toner is OXY too,
but it turned out ok.

Swollen face....

Now my skin feels like it died.
All rough.

My dear sister brought me to T.G.I.F on Saturday.
This is super nice.
It's garlic marinated lamb chop.
or something like that.

Met Susan on Monday for dinner.

My first Carl's Junior.
The fries are very nice.
And I have no idea why the waiter gave me so many packs of chili sauce.

I should spice up?

And then I got myself a not so big ass mirror
and a small one
so that I don't have to face such a big mirror when I apply make up.

So there you have it.

A few more not really updates.

I've been repeating "back to December" by Taylor Swift.
It's a song she wrote to her ex-beau Taylor Lautner.

Though I'm not showing signs of wanting to reconcile with Mr. J.O,
the song does remind me of our past relationship.

The lyrics fit,
well most of it anyway.

The most interesting lines
that fit the most.

"You gave me all your love and all I gave you was
I did hurt him badly.

"And how you held me in your arm that September night
the first time you ever saw me cry"
This is so true.
Well, he held my hand instead of me.
The night after we broke up we went out together.
and that was the first time he ever saw me cry.

just some coincidence detection.

If I loved again, I'd want to love right.

Moving on.
If you're a fan of Megan Fox,
I want a high five.
*High fives whoever high fives back*

I'm not really a fan,
I just find that she's totally hotter than Miss Rosie-long-name-who-runs-around-in-heels-in-an-action-movie-even-when-she's-six-foot-tall.

I saw this post about her posting "proof" that she hasn't have botox.
It was on yahoo! but I can't find that post again,
so here's a reference.
If you want to know.

The story is,
MF posted photos to shoot down Botox rumours.
Among the few,
there's this one that caught the attention of a lot of people.
Her arched wrinkles.

they do look weird.

Turns out a few plastic surgeons
and dermatologic surgeons said that this is impossible.

Read the article I linked for more info.

But then one day,
I was rewatching The Green Hornet,
and I saw this.

I know it looks different,
but voila!
Here's proof that these kinda wrinkles DO exist.

(unless Mr Rogen here has had Botox too,
which will be another story)

I don't really care if someone has botox of plastic surgery or any change.
Only they know if they really had any work done.
Pictures are never good proof of plastic surgery.

I suppose if you compare this photo of me

I'm in the right bottom corner
the one with one finger up.
I swear I wasn't poking my face.
I guess I'm saying 1 more?

if you compare that to my recent photos,
say this one

Would you say I had plastic surgery too?

that's what J_fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

P.s. I'm glad I found other people who are also stuck in offices to chat with.
It made time pass faster.

If you're one of them,
Thanks, a lot.


  1. Do u have plastic surgery ah??
    Look totally different.. ;p

  2. I just had makeup therapy. =)