Friday, 15 July 2011

Relocated ♥

SO it's my first night in my new place.
I've relocated to Subang just yesterday afternoon.
I woke up a gazillion times during the night,
it's like BKK night 1 all over again....

I think I'm not used to the air-cond.
I don't have air-cond at home
so I only get to sleep with air-cond only when I fall asleep in the car.

Yes, we all survived it.
Just so you know, air-cond is not a necessity. 

So here's my new room,
 Look how little things I have.
I mean the amount.
That's all that I brought in.

*hides two other bags*
 My big ass wardrobe!! XD
for the first time in my 23 years of life,
I can't fill up the cupboard with clothes!!!

Cupboard 1: JFish Nil.

I just used up one side
and the other side I used it as store room.
I have a store room in my closet. 

And this is how it looks like at night.
 The lighting is controllable. 
I mean brighter or darker.
Too bad I'm not allowed to bring boys back.


*In case mom is reading*

It has the normal white light (florescent) 
but I prefer this.
I don't like too bright.

It was a tough day yesterday.
Moving alone is not fun. 

Imagine I have to move all my stuff into the car,
think too much
and assume that people will walk in and rob me
or rob the car
since my stuff are all in the car
and dump me by the road.


Because my mom keep telling me theses robbery stories,
when the robbers just walk into your gate and rob you and speed off with his accomplice on a bike.
Although I don't know anyone in their right minds 
who'd want to rob me,
I'm still paranoid.

I imagine my luggage flying out of the luggage compartment
in the bus when I put it there.
When travelling to and fro KL Penang. 

That's how paranoid I AM!!!


When I got there I didn't have a table,
so the landlord decided to give me a big ass table.

It's like Texas here.
Everything's big.



But because the table has such a big ass
it won't go through the door.
(because my big ass cupboard was there blocking the way.)
So after some pushing and pulling
it fell apart 
and a part of it
flew towards my unprepared toe
and wham.

In case you don't know where to look,
it's the big toe.

It doesn't look that bad,
but it feels bad.
I feel like I have 4 toes left instead of 5.

After cleaning my room
I had to drive my sister's car back to her place
and take public transport back.
The thing I don't like about the Selangor city area,

So I took my time
and waited until 6 something doing nothing in my sis's place
then went to Giant 
and took my time
listening to "The Show" by Lenka
while deciding what junk to buy.

Then I strolled to the LRT
and it wasn't as crowded as presumed.
The traffic jam was unavoidable,
so still got stuck in the bus for quite some time.

Got down at Sunway Pyramid,
(which I imagine spending a lot of time there in the future)
Took my time walking around,
finding a freaking ATM that works.


This was my dinner

I think the girl gave me a wrong size sausage
and charged me the wrong amount.
Does a Chicago Beef usually cost RM 7.90?

The box kinda fell apart
and my pickles were stuck there.

It looks disgusting
but it tasted good.

The landlord is from Taiping
and he speaks Hokkien
so kinda feel more like home.

I'm still paranoid about the house
but I guess time will tell if every little thing's gonna be alright.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. It's my first day of work today!!! Off to the shower!! =)

I don't have a mirror yet. T----------------T
Me, the vain of vains!! 
Gonna get myself a big ass mirror so that it goes with everything else in the room.

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