Friday, 8 July 2011

For the 2X-th Time.

It came,
it ruled
and it left.
for the 23rd time.

Yesterday was my birthday!!! 

Had a GREAT day!!
Coz I bought a lot of stuff!!

My idea of a perfect birthday. 
(though I secretly hoped I can go clubbing)

Being the good (and pretty) daughter
I went out with my mom
for some work to be done.

we went to the waste paper recycling-selling place.

We sold about 30kg of old news paper
and earned about RM20. 

Went back,
Went out again.

Jusco Bandar Perda wasn't the dream place to celebrate your bithday,
but it's better than staying at home.

Birthday lunch.

White chocolate macadamia
Beef steak.
It should be called vege, chips and beef as side dish.

The steak is freaking small!!!!!!


Bought 2 shirts in Padini Authentic.
Always liked Padini Authentic.
I have a lot of their clothing.

*All bought at discounted prices
Tried the seafood tempura from Shi Lin.
Not really my type or snack,
but my sis and mom seems to like it.

The padini shirt that I didn't buy.
My sister bought it though.

Not so gorgeous vain pic.

After that went to Sunway Carnical 
coz my sis was going to watch Transfomers 3 with her friends.

I didn't get to watch
(because I already watched it)
but I get to buy more stuff!!!

Birthday dinner.
Sakae Sushi.

oh if we had Sushi Zanmai here~

My set.

My dad ordered it but later he wanted beef
so I took his.
End up I didn't take the unagi.

My sis and mom finished it though.

it was a great day.
I don't get to spend my birthday with my family a lot.
Especially after I went to uni.
Spending time with mom was awesome.

Until she starts nagging.......

Well that's what moms do.

(Hope I don't turn into that kinda mom.....)
We'll see.

By the end of the day,
I have about 170 wishes.

Spent quite long replying and liking the wishes.

Thanks for all the wishes!!

To end the post,
Some pics that I took with my wig on.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Yesterday was also the Penang Heritage Day.
It's a public holiday,
but a lot of companies don't admit it.
But nonetheless,
there are a lot of people everywhere.

It was declared the year before last year I think.

Kinda sucks when your birthday is a public holiday.