Friday, 1 July 2011

The climb

Went hiking the day before yesterday. 

I went with  Kenneth, Chun Yen and Mun Choong.
the 4th college Penang Kia Hiking Team. 

for the 3rd time,
I'm from Butterworth,
so I had to wake up extra early to go over to Penang the Island.

Ferry's RM1.20 for adults by the way.

Kenneth drove.
They picked me up at the jetty 
and we went all the way to 
"The End of the World"

we have a place named that in Penang.
If you come over,
I'll bring you there. 

We headed for Muka Head.
First Jelly Fish we saw.

Freaking HUGE!!!
Epic Fail man's Epic Fail time. 
We had to cross the river thing
and because he didn't bring slippers,
he had to jump across.
(he wanted to try it actually. 
could have just took off the shoes.)

It was a 2 hour hike.
Inclusive rest time.
I felt like Po is KungFu Panda 2.
"My old enemy..... stairs"
(haven't watch it by the way)

Because after 1h 30mins of up and down the hills,
over and under trees,
the final part
the final 900m is the killer.

It's stairs all the way until the final 100m.

The guys were talking about DOTA characters
*rolls eyes* Typical
They said Kenneth (who went really fast)
was SS or SB (I think).
They were the fast characters.

I said I'm S too.
Sher Lynn a.k.a Slow Lady. 

You know how they always say that the destination doesn't really matter,
it's the journey that counts?

That's bullshit in this context.
The destination totally counts!!!

The journey just made me feel like an old lady.
I'm oldest among the 4 of us.
The old lady big sister.

I don't understand the first part of the sign.
Can someone please explain?
Stairs up the tower
more stairs

more stairs
and voila. more stairs.
I think it's a ventilator.
But it looks nice.

and not to forget
more stairs!!

I exaggerated.
Some of the pics are repeated same stairs.

They have this log book at the foot of the tower.
So we opened it and LOL.

I dunno where this guy became an astronaut. 
I thought he wrote our real astronaut's name
but then I googled
and it's not.
 Epic fail man!!
I don't even remember how many things he failed at on that day.
I think he failed while crossing another river.

When we were heading back
(which took less time)
we spotted more dead jellyfishes.
And dead fishes too.

After that we went to REDBOX!!!!
We get to sing for 4hours.
which is too much coz everyone's tired
and sleeping or almost sleeping on the couch.
I was the only one singing.

When they dropped me at the jetty at night,
I saw this weird sign.

Are they kidding?
They think people are just going to enter a solid wall?

it was a great climb day.
Fun and all.
Especially the k session.

Side effects haven't worn out. 

The good thing about going with guys
is that you don't have to wait for others.
The bad thing?
Everyone's waiting for you.

Other photos are not yet tagged
you won't see them.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Had to post a vain pic.

I joined a contest on FB.
If you read my blog from quite long ago
you'd know that I hate FB LIKE CONTESTS.
They're freaking LAME!!!

But I joined a contest 
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if you have free time,
which I assume you have since you're reading my blog,
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Your help is very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!

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