Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The CLESIC Dinner 2011

Start with a vain pic.
It's blurry but you get the idea. @MissCocoroTeng
Dress- FOC
From cousin who can't wear it anymore.
Altered to fit me almost perfectly.

Clutch- Mom's 
I think it's a free gift from Kanebo or Shisheido.
Borrowed mom's coz I didn't bring mine back from KL.
My clutch is lying somewhere in a box in my sister's house.

Shoes- Vincci RM20
Got it from the crazy sale in Midvalley.
They were going to renovate the place
so they had to "throw" out the old stuff.

The girls who went with me. Pui San on your left and Chin Yau on the right. 
Friends from my tom yam steamboat gang.

(Almost) every time we meet we go for tom yam steamboat.
Because this is the working gang.
Not much time to hang out. 

No pics of food
because it's just typical Chinese dinner food.

Table mates. Except the guy next to me. 
From Left: Xian Jun, Cham Yew, Pui San, Chin Yao, Me, Mun Choong and Choon Foong.
Two other table mates were missing. 
They evaporated into the unknown.

Same gang + the funny MC. Haw Wooi.
He was the impromptu MC.
Half of the time he didn't know what he was saying. 
But it was good entertainment. 

As you can see from this picture,
the three mandarin words behind us
is the name of the hall.

The dinner was held in the Chung Ling High School hall.
the hall has a name.

The UM gang.
Well there are more of us,
but some didn't attend.
Mostly because they didn't come back to Penang.
And some are working.
(yeah right. Lame excuse)

We were the organizers of the dinner.
( I didn't contribute other than attending)

CLESIC stands for Chung Ling Ex-Student Inter Varsity Counsil
Every local uni has a team there.
Some more active than others.

The UM team had a part in my University life.
I liked hanging out with them
Mostly coz they're dead funny.

Every time I meet the gang I'll seriously LMAO. 

Thanks a lot for the memories.

I'll miss ya'll. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I found a job.
I found a room.
I'll be moving in next week.


Coz I need it. 


  1. oh my..boobs babyyyy~~~xD
    what job u gt wor? if cant tell here then pm me in fb ya =P
    sincerely all the best for u!!! rock ur working life!!!! =DD <3

  2. I'll be working as translator. =)

    Thx babe. Will miss you. >________<

    p.s. Y U No mention butt?! XD

  3. You know them ones? The second and third person in sixth photo?

  4. I know the third person, dunno the second. Your friend?

  5. We used to play badminton together.