Monday, 27 June 2011

The weekend

*Title edited because I didn't really talked about 27 June*

Well that's my work tag.
I took the photo just now
coz I was dolled up.

First of all,
I wanna say thanks to ya'll for the "like"s for my previous post.
It's good to know that people read my blog.

I worked from Friday to Sunday (yesterday)
as a flyer girl.
Well that's what the ad said,
but I totally was more of a promoter/flyer girl.

It was a fun job anyway.
Met a few nice people.
Saw a few cute guys.

Since it was in Penang Pisa (island part)
and I'm from Butterworth
(refer to previous post for most explanation)
I had to cross the Penang bridge twice per day.

the Penang bridge has this magical power over me.
If I drive according to the speed limit (70-80km/h)
I feel like dozing off.
It just seems slow....
70km/h seems like 40km/h on the bridge.
The other cars keep zooming past me....

So when I came back yesterday night
I decided to break the rule
and drove 90km/h (for a strech of the bridge).
And took a picture.
(no police reading my post I hope)

Pretty badass huh.

they should increase the speed limit man.
Unless they meant 70km/h is the minimum speed.


Back to my job.

It was a home deco sorta fair.
Perfect livin '11.

The picture above
is not where I worked.
It's the arena part.
I worked upstairs.
Where the decorations stalls are.

As you can see,
the arena part is more of a electric devices part.

I didn't take any pictures of my stall.
Coz i'm a bad blogger. =p

I worked for a wall sticker company.
The wall stickers are imported from Korea
and my boss is Korean.

Wall sticker is different from wall paper.

Wall paper is a very huge piece of sticky paper that you stick on the whole patch of wall.

Wall sticker on the other hand,
is only a few small pieces of stickers with nice design
and you stick on
whatever surface you like.

Being the typical me,
I bought two stickers.

This one's kinda blur but you get the idea.
It's the lamp post.

Check out their website if you're interested.

First time I got paid on the spot.

Feels nice to be not broke.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
For those who've done plastic surgery to widen your eyes,
do you have a wider view after the surgery?

Just wondering......


  1. Oh nooo~gt ho liao job bo jio~=D
    btw this kinda job need look d ma? =P

  2. They say look presentable la. But I think if there are prettier girls they will choose the prettier ones lo.

  3. aixh. dis world indeed realistic..
    btw love ur nail color hehe.