Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Quotes- Pablo Picasso

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I watched a film named "L'Âge de raison".

It's about a career driven woman who receives a special package on her birthday.

She thought she had everything she wanted,
until she read all the letters in the package. 

She wrote letters to her future self when she was 7,
and asked a man to send it when she reaches a certain age.

the 7 year old her sent her letters
and led her back to herself.

What I want to say is,
there's one quote in the movie.
"Deviens qui tu es."- Pablo Picasso

Some translations might be different. 

It's kinda contradicting.
How do you become who you are?

Sometimes we get driven away by life
and commitment, expectation, etc,
we loose ourselves.
We forget who we really are
or who we wanted to become.

Take a step back.
Is this what you want?
If yes,
good for you.

You've become who you are.

I searched for this quote,
and well since the film is in French,
the quote came out in French.

I don't know what language Picasso used when he said this,
but I found a list of his quotes,
and I find Picasso a humorous man. 

Here's a few humor quotes:
«Le travail est nécessaire pour l’homme. Il en a inventé le réveil-matin.»

"Work is necessary for man(kind). They invented the alarm clock."

 «La jeunesse est la période où l’on se déguise, où l’on cache sa personnalité. C’est une période de mensonges sincères.»

"Youth is the phase when one disguise oneself, when one hides the personality. It's a 
periode of sincere lies."

«Les ordinateurs sont inutiles. Ils ne savent que donner des réponses.»
"Computers are useless. They know nothing but (giving) answers."

And here are some normal guide to life quotes:
«Dans chaque enfant il y a un artiste. Le problème est de savoir comment rester un artiste en grandissant.»

"There's an artist in every child. The problem is to know how to stay an artist while growing up."

«J’essaie toujours de faire ce que je ne sais pas faire, c’est ainsi que j’espère apprendre à le faire.»

"I always try to do the things that I don't know how to do, in this way I hope I learn how to do it."

Well the English translations might be inaccurate because they're done by yours truly.

If you have time,
Do look up on quotes.
You never know where you'll find laughter.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I went for a job interview yesterday.

It's an online game's company,
and I like the working environment a lot.
They wear t-shirt and jeans to work!!!
Totally my type of working environment. 


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