Sunday, 19 June 2011

Leave home

Let's start with a vain pic.

This is home.
Well part of it.
If you've chatted with me on Chatroulette,
this may look familiar.

I had breakfast with my mom one morning,
and (I have no idea why) I asked her how did she end up in Butterworth.

[This part might sound confusing,
you can choose to skip,
I wouldn't know]

For those who don't know,
Butterworth is a (not so) small town in Pulau Pinang aka Penang.

When people ask me where I'm from I usually say Penang.

For those who don't know,
Penang (the state) is made out of two parts:
the island (which is also called Penang) and the mainland part, aka Seberang Prai.

I'm from the mainland part,
but I always say "Penang" as the answer to "where are you from".

When I say Penang I mean the state,
not the island.

[End of possible confusion]

my mom is from Kedah
the state next to (well it's actually around) Penang.

She left home for the same reason as a whole lot of other people: to find a job.
She left her small(er) town and came to Butterworth,
with a friend who's not really friend.
She was her neighbor and she just came with her and a bag.

Talk about courage.

She didn't even have a job when she came.

I'm glad that she was brave.

If not,
you won't have this cute, adorable and pretty girl here typing away for you right?


My point is,
we shouldn't be afraid to leave home.
I know it's our comfort zone,
but people mature faster when they're out there in the wild.

I got a job interview in Selangor (another state which is approximately 4 hours away).
I'm ready to just leave and start a whole new life there.

I'm ready to leave,
because you never know where and when will you find your future.
Future career, future life, future..... husband?
Why not take a leap.

I am ready to get out of Butterworth.
Are you ready to leave home?

Let's go somewhere only we know.

let's go KL.
I wanna watch MASUM.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Is UPM considered KL?