Friday, 10 June 2011

Bkk Day 3- T-Shirt Day!!

I wore the car T that I bought the day before at Chatuchak.

The day we went to Platinum Mall.
IMPORTANT: If you plan to shop at Platinum mall,
go early.
Although most of the websites show that it open's till 10pm,
the shops closed at 7pm when we were there.

Steed Meat.
At first I didn't understand,
but then it dawned on me that steed is another way to say "horse".

Taste good actually.
It taste like beef,
but more tender and softer.

 Tea time at Swensen's. 
 Fully FULL. =(
Meaning more time to SS!! XD

I bought this T (with Voon). It's the best seller of the shop. 
I guess you can guess why.
The post is called t-shirt day coz I bought 3 T-shirts that day. 
They have a lot of t-shirt shops in Platinum Mall.

Other than that,
they sell wigs,
men/women/children attire,

Food court is at 6th floor.
Platinum mall is basically the Bangkok version of Sungai Wang,
but if you buy a lot (3 or above)
you'll get wholesale prices.
Of course sometimes you still have to bargain with them.

They usually count 3 things and above as wholesale,
but some shops consider 2 and above,
some shops more.
Ask the shop keeper to be sure.

The shop keepers are not the nicest people,
so don't be offended if they're rude to you.
You're not alone.

 Still at Swensen's 

I got my first manicure there.
Didn't take any pictures because it was FUGLY.
I can paint better wth.
It was a waste of my 250baht.

But a new experience. =)
If you happen to go there
and wants to try the manicure
(there's only one stall I think, it's by the escalator)

Coz she sucks.

After that we went to Baiyoke Tower II.
The highest building in Bangkok.
Reminds me of Eiffel,
the night view I mean.

 Baiyoke Tower II is about 10mins walk from Platinum mall.
Once you exit the mall,
you'll see the tower.
Just walk towards it.

The trishaw auntay
The tut tut on display.
It doesn't say "do not sit".
So we sat. =P

From the top of the tower
 There's this LED screen thing on top of the tower

We are this far away from home. 
Well I'm probably half the distance away from home,
and Jye Ming is probably 1 1/2 the distance away from home.
Coz it say's Kuala Lumpur.

The top of the tower is revolving by the way
and it was super windy.

If you love Pina Colada~ and getting caught in the rain. 

 After we got down from the revolving part,
we went to the lounge for the complimentary drink.
Any drink from the menu.
Even if it's alcoholic. 

that's what J_Fish has to say for day 3~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Ticket for Baiyoke Tower II is 250baht plus free drink.

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