Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bkk Day 2- Market Day

 Breakfast of the day~ Pork Rice
I didn't eat much because I didn't really have appetite.... 
Cost 40baht.
Not bad.

The stall is just down the road and around the corner of our hotel.

 First stop, 
Chatuchak market. 
Only opened on weekends.

Suitable for bargain hunting.

We took the train (BTS) from Chitlom station to Mo Chit station.

The clock tower of Chatuchak. 
Mango sticky rice!!!
A must try.
I can't remember the price,
but I think it's 50baht for 2 mangoes. 

Chatuchak is a nice place to shop for everything.
Well mostly clothes, shoes, food, and souvenirs. 

Bought this t-shirt there at 80baht.
and this fedora at 110baht.
It's hard to keep track of the places you've been at Chatuchak.
It's practically a maze.
A good maze though.
Every corner there's something to see.

After Chatuchak we went to Pratunam Market.

There's nothing much there,
unless you're into fake branded stuff
and auntay clothes.

We didn't stay there long.

Went back to the hotel,
took our baths and then

LOL at Susan.
Always aware of the camera.

The foot massage was nice.
I fell asleep halfway through.
200 baht.

Dinner was at a restaurant called Tom Yum.
Seafood dinner!!
No pictures.

after a long day of walking,
we didn't hear any noise at all.

The hotel is nice
without the extra scare.

Complimentary water from the hotel.
After a long day's walk,
cold water in the fridge is very good news.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Chatuchak is a nice place to shop for stuff.
If you're bargain hunting,
spend more time there.

Pratunam market is a waste of time.
Go have a look only if you have extra time.
It's just like pasar malam in Malaysia
with Thai speaking sellers.

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