Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bkk Day 1- The Panic Day

If you read my previous post,
you'd know that I mentioned the boarding pass that I almost didn't get.


I almost didn't get to go on this trip.

It was a graduation trip with the babes.
6 of us 
Selina, Susan, Xi Voon, Jye Ming, Shiah and me
went to Bangkok.

The panic day started normal like any other day.
3rd of June.
Our plane was scheduled to fly at 3 something that afternoon.
We met at KL Central,
took the bus to LCCT.
Being poor students,
we flew Air Asia. 

When it was time to check-in,
we were lining up
and we were talking about passports.
Selina asked when is my passport expiring,
I replied 15 October,
and the panic started.

I didn't know that we can't leave the country
6 months before the passport expired.

Everyone please take note if it's your second time travelling with the same passport.

If your passport expires in less than 6 month's time,

Trust me.
You don't wanna be the one left behind.
You don't even wanna experience that feeling.

We pretended that we didn't know 
and hoped the lady checking us in would miss that part.

she has perfect eye sight.

I can't fly!!
It hit me like a rock hurled at 300km/h.

She asked me to go to the service counter and see if the people there can help.

But they didn't help.
All the guy said was:
it's stated here at No.2 that you can't fly withing 6 months of expiry.

There was nothing that he can do to help.
Renewing will take about 2 to 3 hours,
which means by then my plane would have reached Penang.

I was kinda calm actually.
Despite being hit by a 300km/h rock.
I decided on the spot that I'll not do anything.
(coz I can't do anything wth.)

We figured if I can get a new passport and fly over later,
everything will be fine.

So I went to ask the ticketing counter,
which is the cheapest flight to Bangkok.
It was the next night at 10.30p.m.
(yes, I remembered this)
and it cost..
wait for it......





I totally gave up at that point.
Even said goodbye to the girls.

they insisted that I go back and ask the guy again,
if there was anything that he can do.

He couldn't do anything.
But the other guy could.
The guy next to him
(I assumed that he was his superior)
told him to let me pass.

(the panic doesn't end here. Wait for it)

Now I regretted not taking down the guy's name.
Should send him a thank you gift from Bangkok.
I'll check their website to see if I can find the list of employee.
(Which is quite impossible)

thanks to that guy,
all of you get to read more about Bangkok.

the photos.

 Mine, Selina's and Shiah's

 Hello Bangkok!!
 Waiting for the check-ins 
The train "ticket" from the airport to the station near our hotel.
The lobby of the hotel.
We stayed at Ecotel Bangkok.

The rooms were really clean.
A nice place to stay.
After checking in,
we rested awhile and went out again.
To Pat Pong!
The red light district.

Didn't take any photos there.
If I did,
I can't show them here anyway.
They'll be rated 18SX.

don't let your bf/husband go to Pat Pong without you by their side.

Same thing goes to the boys.
It's quite dangerous for girls to go there actually.
The people there are just rude and disgusting.
The shop promoters anyway.

The stalls by the road sells stuff that you don't see at night markets.
Vibrators. WTH. WTH. WTH

After we decided to get out of that place,
we ate at McD.
which is called McThai.

Went back to the hotel after that,
and panic round two started.

When we were about to sleep,
a weird noise started.

3 girls in a hotel room in a foreign land
which produces a lot of horror movie.
When a weird noise starts,
you start getting scared.

It was a whistling sorta howling noise.

We called reception
and they didn't help at all.

It stopped after awhile
and it started again.
Went down to the reception
and when the guy came up,
the noise stopped again!!!
It's like it knows when the guy's here.

Since he can't do anything,
We went back to the room and sleep.

We tried.

I kept waking up.
Every hour.

Pat Pong- Not nice if you're a girl.decent man
Ecotel     - Nice without weird noise. 
AirAsia   - Not bad
McThai   - Medium sized sets are large Malaysian sizes.

that's what J_Fish has to say for day 1~ Au Revoir~
p.s. I miss ya'll already. =(

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