Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Rio de Janeiro

The city which has Jesus as it's guardian.
The city is the second largest of Brazil,
and the capital city of the state with the same name.

If you've watched both the animated movie "Rio"
and the action packed "FastFive",
You would more of less get the idea what Rio de Janeiro looks like.
Both movies based in the same town,

If Disney was trying to promote the city
(if it wasn't, it accidentally did a very good job)
FastFive pulled it down.

"Rio" is a romantic comedy cartoon
that shows the oohs and ahhs of the scenery in Rio.
FastFive shows.... the fast and furious parts.

For a foreigner that doesn't know much about the city,
I'd say that Rio de Janeiro looks like a dangerous place.
(Because of the films).
Smugglers, drug dealers, corrupted police.

"Rio" the cartoon totally marked a spot on my "to visit" list.
After watching Fast5,
I'd mark it with pencil rather than a permanent marker.

Despite the "danger" (which we probably won't get involved in)
the city just seems like a very colourful and beautiful place to visit.
(beware of monkeys)

I would really much like to be part of the Carnival.

Check out the costume.

And if what the movies show are correct,
I can bring whatever pants and skirts that I have
and it'd be too long over there.
If you get what I mean.

>____________ l

At least I won't have to be harrased by people who stare at my legs
like when I'm here.

Those disgusting people.

Photos and information of the city from wiki.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


Cut my hair again.

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  1. Its been awhile but I'm here to MOTIVATE you after being MIA for quite awhile myself. haha there's also Angry Bird Rio which i recently started and finished playing. So i think there is some publicity going on for that place. lol

    Lazy to sign in my account,

    Kenneth Shen.