Wednesday, 4 May 2011


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About 4 posts ago,
I mentioned that I hate FB "like" contests.

(or the day before)
I signed up for one. 

It's called Watsons YOU Awards.
There are 8 categories

5 for the ladies:
Body beautiful, 
Luscious lips,
Engaging eyes
Friendly face
Healthy hair.

3 for the gentlemen:
Fit figure,
Friendly face,
Hip hairstyle.

of course,
I signed up for "engaging eyes".
(Refer to photo on top)

The reason I signed up is because I think I have what it takes.
Nuff said.

I've always been a narcissist,
but I love my eyes more than any other body part.

I'm not going to spam people's wall
or chatbox
and ask them to vote for me.
[ because I really don't like that =( ]

If you think I have beautiful/
mesmerizing/ alluring/ engaging/
vote for me.

Voting hasn't started yet,
but you bet I'm gonna post the link here 
when it does.

Till then,
maybe you can check out the YOU Awards.
Only open to Malaysian students aged 18 and above.

You might be one of the winner(s). 
>_______________ l

Just make sure you're not in the same category as me. =b

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


Please do vote for me! XD


  1. need this kind of pic? i mean..all combine in one? honestly i duno wat i have ><
    n a second ago i jz realize ur SUPER SMALL words there XD

  2. Nola. You just need to post one full length picture (full body shot) and 1 photo that best shows the category you sign up for.