Monday, 2 May 2011

General knowledge, current issues and ignorance

Do you call people who don't pay attention to current issues ignorant?

A lot of people do.

If you don't think there are people who think like that,
ask yourselves,
have you ever heard this sentence:
" Haven't you read the news? " or
" Have you been living in a cave? " or
whatever which is equivalent. 
You get the point.

If you have,
you'd know it usually comes in the "why are you so ignorant" look.

The thing is,
I've never really understand
why people look down on those who don't give a rats fart about current issues.

Current issues are....


They don't stay long,
and they are usually either about politics or natural disasters.

So what if you don't know who's Donald Trump
and what did he do to Obama?

Who cares if you don't even know what an Obama is?
Unless he's reelected,
people are going to talk less about him in about a year's time.

I hate politics.
It's not just NOT LIKING it,
it's hating.
Because it wastes a whole lot of time 
and money,
and it doesn't seem to do any good to us.
(Although the press would beg to differ)

Living in Malaysia,
I don't really want to know about the current issues HERE.
Since we don't have much natural disasters,
you can guess what the news talks about.

If you don't,
you don't have to know. 

If you insist on knowing,
scroll up and reread.

Rather than wasting time reading about current issues,
why not use it to learn something that's more... real.

Since we're talking about general knowledge,
you can use the time to learn about geographic.

Some people say that it's boring,
but I think geographic is an interesting subject.

Or you can even use the time to find out stuff about the world.
Even if it's random facts.

Like which is the shortest river in the world?
Which is the biggest country in the world? 
(It's still Russia)
Which country comes next?
Who invented mascara?
Who are the Boleyn sisters and what did they do?

Or what is an Obama?

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. For the first time ( I think ) in my 3 years of uni life,

I am missing Butterworth.

And I wanna say that I am really thankful that I have Mr. D.

Such a friend is almost impossible to find,
but I found one. 


  1. Politic , if u wanna know , annnddd if u scroll out the data, i believe there will be alot, esp when there is book fair, many magazines n books about it..but if u dun like sure will be bored to death..jst like me..lolzz

  2. hello there, first time dropping by your blog. You have got some deep thoughts and words going here in this post. And you're from butterworth? Cool, i'm from penang!

  3. Alan- I don't really understand what you mean... --___________--lll Sorry for my poor ability to understand...

    Isaac- Thanks for visiting! Which part of Penang are you from?