Monday, 11 April 2011

Ten thousand + 7

What's right about this pic?

Other than my header. *ahem ahem*

I just want to draw your attention to one particular corner.

So let's zoom in.


I finally hit 10000+ clicks.
Just clicks,
not unique clicks.
It means every time you go to any page of my blog,
it's counted as a click,
if you refresh,
it's counted as a click.

I know,
what's the fuss?
Some people have 10000 clicks per day,
but still,
I'm not a celebrity blogger,
after a year and 2 months of blogging,
I have reached 10007 clicks
and proud about it.


It sounds kinda sad,
but anyway,


Thank you for reading my blog!!
or just passing by.

Here's a photo
in case you read my blog because of my photos. 
It's taken during my college's prom.

And to finish off the post,
I'd like to share a photo that I like a lot
taken by Susan
also during my college's so called prom.

It's kinda blur
but still,
I love it!!

Don't worry guys,
We are not a couple so ya'll still have a chance!!
>______________ l

Whoever you wanna choose. 
(choose me. choose me!!)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I bet 5000 of the clicks were done by me.
Coz when I write a post that I'm really satisfied with, 
I'll keep checking if anyone "like" or comment on the post.

Usually no1 comments on the post that I like. 

don't hesitate to COMMENT!!
or "like". 


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  1. seriously..d 2nd i read only i found out there's a small small row of word! gosh u..xD