Saturday, 16 April 2011

Stood up day

Interesting day.
It's only 2pm and I've been stood up twice.

I was going out for the Career fair in Midvalley.
But the rain stopped us from going out.
I hate it when people change plans last minute.
You never know what other plans you messed up.

I had luch at mamak just now,
my usuals when I don't have money 
or don't know what to order:
Nasi putih telur dadar dua.
(White rice and 2 omelettes.)

Today's eggs were super oily.
Oily how?

This is the amount of leftover oil that I "squeezed" (with fork and spoon) out of the eggs.

after the career fair plan was changed,
I was thinking what the heck,
I already have my makeup on.

But then,
my sister called
and said we should go out for a movie.

Now I don't have to remove my makeup.

So I continue to eat happily.

She called back again 
and said she's going with Clarance (her bf) instead.

Double wtf man.

So now,
I shouldn't waste the make up.

SS time!!

Not sad enough,

Still not sad enough....
There you go.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Back to Curiosité 

FYI: Curiosité is the main character of the story I'm writing. 


  1. sorry for changing plans last minute though..unforeseen circumstances...

  2. I know. Can't stop the rain right.

  3. dat's one...n other things as well..

  4. LMFAO at the 'not sad enough' xD

  5. 'sad' enuf for ur look in those 3 photos..lolzz

  6. jfook: You should see my previous post. XD

    Alan: I'm taking that as a... compliment. ?

  7. yap, a compliment, which making ur blog looks interesting too :-) , that's why now ur blog is in my list