Sunday, 24 April 2011

The song that's my reality

Just finished watching Hercules
the Disney version.

I can't believe they have almost all the old good Disney cartoons on youtube.

Seriously prefer old school draws cartoon than the new computer animated ones.

I'm just gonna do an entry before I continue watching the rest of the cartoons.
DON'T tell me to grow up.
No one ever said cartoons are for kids.

About the song.
I love this song a lot.
It's just not the typical Disney love song.

I had a super wonderful-ish dream just now.
Well, last night.

*you have to have somewhat a good imagination to understand the next part*

I guess I was on some kinda date
with a guy who I chat on MSN with a lot.
I've only seen him like erm...... twice.

He's this really nice guy
who kinda disappears once in awhile.
But he's been quite persistent recently on getting my number.
ok. whatever.

Let's call him Z.

So Z and I went somewhere with some other people 
(who I don't remember coz they're not that important)

the most interesting part that I want to highlight here
is when we were going up some stairs in a garden.
we were walking behind everyone else.
But not far from them.

Then I kinda felt the
Well I don't know if ya'll had that feeling before.
I haven't, 
but we've seen that a lot in films and I kinda "understood" how they felt.

he did.

He erm..... hooked my little finger with this little finger.
( I find that sweeter than holding hands. Ya, weird huh. )

And you know the scene where fireworks go off and everything.
Ya. that happened. (in my dreaming brain)

I was all happy for 2 seconds and I PULLED MY HAND BACK.

That's is so real life!!
It's like I keep waiting for something to happen
and when it does happen,

I am such a stupid bimbo freak.

End of rant.

with a vain pic.

(almost typed teehee. Damn Ryan Higa.)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

I really don't understand how the guy's brain works.
He's just complicated.

And they say girls are complicated.
*rolls eyes*

Gonna continue watching The Little Mermaid!!! 

One more thing,
Happy Easter Sunday!! 


I'm not in church................................................................. =(


  1. "So Z and I went somewhere with some other people
    (who I don't remember coz they're not that important)"

    I LOL'ed.

    And since when guys are complicated? They're pretty simple, but girls ARE really complicated.

    PROOF: "I was all happy for 2 seconds and I PULLED MY HAND BACK."

    Hopefully he doesn't take the wrong meaning and get depressed. xD

  2. Well you don't see that guys are complicated because... you're a guy.

    And that "proof" was because I'm always so insecure about relationships. Not every girl is insecure about relationships though. =p

  3. The 'teehee' made me LOL.
    Hw sweet is the dream!!!! >_<

  4. It was super sweet. Until I snapped. --____________--lll (and woke up)

  5. Wut!? I'm not a gu... eh wait I am. But that's not point.

    For me girls are complicated, their "yes" and "no" and "sui bian lah" and "ok" and "it's okay" don't always mean it lmfao.

    While guys are simple, but assholes. LOL