Monday, 18 April 2011

So many ppl long piak don't see you long piak


Been quite silly.

I had an assignment that I had to send by email to my lecturer.
It was due last week.
I sent it to him last week.

When I checked if he replied,,
I got an email from postmaster.

Which means bad news.

I've added an extra "." to his email address.
So I resent it.

Still no reply.

I figured it was Friday 
and maybe he doesn't check his mail during weekends.
So I waited till today.

Afternoon 2pm
still no reply.

Got a little panicked.
The assignment was 20marks!
So I sent another email asking if he received my mail.

Still no reply!!!

Then I got a message from Louise
asking us to send the assignment ASAP.

I asked Elaine (my other coursemate) the lecturer's email.
End up the second time (and third) I sent the email,
I had an extra "r".

So silly.
I have no idea what is happening to me.
Keep doing silly things.
My memory is leaving me too.
Can't really remember things properly.....

What is wrong?

I'm a member of
(formerly known as but they changed the name coz they figured that people who are not youth should have a say too.)

They've been giving out prizes for some.... 12 days?

I really need cash... 

So this is for

and this is for you, my visitors/readers/stumble-upon-ers.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. the poor guy that I mistakenly emailed must be wondering why the heck does this person keep sending him emails in french. XD

what are the odds that there are 2 almost exact same spelling for email addresses?
I bet the guy keeps getting wrong mails. =P

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