Sunday, 10 April 2011

Random make-up post

I decided to play with make up
even though I have a few tests, presentations, and other stuff coming up.

The photo above,
is me without make up.
Other than my brows,
but as you can see,
they're not the same height.
and my double eyelid is super not obvious.

The captions are for the photos below them.

photo below is with double eyelid sticker.
and liquid eyeliner from Rimmel.

It's very easy to use.
It's my second bottle.
Lasts quite long. 
I use it everyday.

Not water proof though.
Tends to smudge at times,
but it's usually good.

Plus some mascara from in2it.
I love this mascara coz it has the fiber thing,
and it's super affordable.
RM17+ on discount days.

White colour liner 
This is also from Rimmel.
The black eyeliner smudges terribly,
so I just use the white part.

at the bottom inner corner of the eye.

Plus second layer of mascara
In case you can't see properly,
it's from Maybelline.

plus brown eyeshadow from 

 Plus falsie

 Plus lower falsie.
 And voila!!
Big difference?
Maybe not. XD

that's what J_Fish wants to show~ Au Revoir~

p.s. been using a lot of handkerchief lately.
Flu and cough non-stop.
Hope it goes away soon.
I want durian fiesta!! 

Wait for me King Fong!!


  1. false eyelashes really is great, bring such beauty to the eyes. You are looking with it.

  2. erm... I suppose what you wanna say is I look good with it?

    I'm taking it as a compliment anyway. XD Thx.

  3. time wait for no man..perharps durian also..haha

  4. L.M.A.O!!! superb desperate for durian huhh..xDDD

  5. Alas king fong, I am no man. XD