Friday, 15 April 2011

Lynn is the name. Vanity is the game♥

I have become so good at photo editing!! 
Yes, I am still vain.
But I am who I am. 

Went to watch our English Language Department's performance this morning.
 First photo, epic fail.
Tried to take another photo but some dude kept standing right in the middle blocking them.. GRRrr.....

 Sabrina and Mira
 They're singing Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music. 
Drinking "Ti" I think.
 Their "clubbing" scene.
They dance was very cool.
 The finale.
When everything's said and done.

The third years' was the best I guess.
One, coz I know them,
two, coz I can relate to what they're talking about.

A lot of people cried. 

I almost cried at the end.
but I didn't.
One, coz I don't like people see me cry,
two, coz I wore make up and if I cried I'll turn into a ghost.

If I didn't have assignment to hand in,
I would have ran off alone.

But I did.
So I came back. 

Had lunch with Shiah.
Another nice chat.
it's not about what we talked about,
it's about who we were with.

I guess I'm just feeling lonely.

Like I said yesterday,
I haven't seen much of my friends recently.
They've been super busy with their final year project
and we all have so much tests front back and center.

Gonna start studying soon,
but before that,
I realize I really don't have a lot of memories in UM.

I'm gonna create more.
With or without the others in it.
(At this time of the semester,
I think even if I wanted them in it they wouldn't have time)
The thing when you have super hardworking friends who don't like to go out.

Other than the little-miss-latecomer. *ahem*

before I become that good girl
and start studying,

Vanity all the way.
Probably gonna go out tmr.
And after that,
Room all the way.

Now how the heck am I going to make memories?

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Anyone wanna volunteer to appear in my memoir?


  1. Sher Lynn, thanks for coming. Thank you so much :)

  2. You're welcome. I loved it a lot. ^____________^ Glad that I went.