Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Flawless skin


I've been typing using the French keyboard
(which is somewhat different from the English keyboard)
I can't type properly anymore.

anyone who knows me
or has seen me in real life would know that this pic is edited.

my eyes are not that wide,
I don't have such nice skin.
I'm not this fair.

I hate why fair=more attractive in the eastern side of the world.

Other than that, 
I find that flawless skin is preferred,
no matter which side of the world you're on.
And I agree.

I don't find that people who have fair skin are more attractive,
but I find people with really nice skin attractive.

Like models.
They might not be prettiest in the bunch,
but they have good skin.

Been going through Xiaxue's blog.
She has this perfect (and fair) skin.

Ok, she edits her photos,
but I find her flawless skin believable.

Why do I find flawless skin more attractive?

Coz if I have flawless skin,
I can pretty much skip make up.

I usually wear make up because of my dark eye circles
and pimple scars.
I wish the scars will fade in no time,
but they've been more loyal than anything else that should be loyal.
Even if I don't pop them,
they leave dark brown scars.
that's how bad my skin is.

If I can have wishes coming true now,
one of them would be flawless or near flawless skin.

If any of you know how to get rid of scars,


that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

This blog.
She's one of my visitors.
I got stuck at 
this page.

But then,
it's been open since then.
Coz I like her songs.
I've been listening to the songs in her song list
since this afternoon.


  1. walao!!!!your photo edit skill very geng le.......i want to learn....hahaha:p

  2. It's not my skills geng la.

    The program is very user friendly.

  3. i see my blog link in yr post! haha. i like yr blog. :) i saw it thru nuffnang xchange the other day.