Tuesday, 26 April 2011

FB and some other stuff

The evening view of the KLCC Fountain + Garden.

we start with "other stuff".
which is totally related to the FB part.
SO be patient.
I have (lotsa) photos posted.
No huge look-at-my-eyes headshot though...
I was........... lazy
*it's a miracle!*

miracles happen once in awhile


I went out yesterday.

I went out with Louise and her friends.
She won a photography contest
and the prize was free tickets to this show.
(and something else)

I kinda helped her win,
so I don't feel as guilty going with her.
It's a local production.
100% in Bahasa Malaysia.
(because if it's not,
even when all actors are all Malaysian and
all the scenes are shot in Malaysia,
it's not a local production.)

Very artsy kinda movie.
You know....
those kind that usually get awards.

You get what I mean.
If you don't.....

You're dumb.

Ok, this film is way~more artsy than those that win awards.
I'm not even gonna try and give a synopsis.

 Random pic of the tunnel of LRT.

Well being the oh-so-vain ME,
of course I have to take vain photos
(in the toilet of TGV Cinema, KLCC)

First photo was nice.
 Coz can't see the face. wth

Acting cool.
I love how they have this crazy ass huge mirror.
But I don't understand why they taped it at the bottom.
Spoiled my pic....

here comes the FB part.

The contest was those FB "like" contests.
I only voted because her photos are awesome and 
I didn't have to like a page before liking her photo.

Here are her pics.

back to the FB topic.
I find that those kinda "Like" contests are lame and unfair.
Because you can take a crazy ass ugly pic and STILL WIN 
because you have more "like"s than other photos which are 1 gazillion times nicer than yours.

(Not talking about Louise's photos)

Imagine if I join a model search 
and I ask my whole FB world to vote and I WIN!!

People probably wouldn't hire me as a model.

Height issue.

those kinda competitions and contests are just LAME.

Another thing.

Did you know that Malaysians spend the most time (collectively) on FB?
according to a social media (which I'm a part of *ahem*)

have to admit that I contribute a lot to that,

I DON'T think it's something to be PROUD of. wth.

It only means that Malaysians (only those who FB 10hours a day *ahem*)
would rather spend time collecting virtual crops or managing virtual restaurants 
than using that time for something useful.

Like actually doing work!!!!
(look at the staffs in UM for example... tsk tsk tsk)

Or using that time to learn something that could be useful.

Or reading facts from Yahoo! 

I'm not saying that FB (verb, not noun) is wrong,
but instead of using the time to do NOTHING,
why not spend it doing something useful?

Like sewing 
And sell them? XD
(added to the JoFfleS Collection~)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


I lied. 


  1. Those contests are ridiculously stupid. Do those virtual titles make them feel proud or what?

    Anyway, "why not spend it doing something useful?"

    lez go angry bird.


  2. sewing an angry bird,not bad too