Saturday, 23 April 2011

The day I (finally) went out

Webcam pic.

Finally got to take a pic with my webcam after about 2 years using my lappy.

I finally went out with hp.

This is what I was holding.
RM 3.90.
It's actually ice + a huge piece of jelly + cut fruits + 1 nata de coco. 

I saw this really cute pen.
Check out the price tag.
It's a PEN!!

Crazy sale at Vincci.

And I was super sad coz I'm very broke.
Didn't even want to go in and take a look....

I think there was this play boy girl search.

In my opinion,
they weren't really hot.
I mean for play boy standard.

They were just wearing sexy clothes.

Well it was for the Playboy fragrance promotional thing.

 End with a vain photo.

I didn't really have fun.
Going out when you're almost broke is NEVER FUN. 

Missing out on the sale.

There's even a Beauty Fair 
from 22-24 April
(till tmr)
Which I didn't even bother going near.

coz I know I'd be super sad. 
They always have great deals for falsies!!


For those of you in KL who might take a bus,
starting April 14,
you now have to get a Touch n Go card for the RapidKL buses.

Or you can get  a normal Touch n Go card that you can use for LRT and the highway.
( I suggest you get a normal TnG card)

The card costs RM2 by itself.
You can buy it when you're on the bus.
there's a machine.
Meaning if you give the machine RM10,
your actual credit will be RM8.

I was kinda bummed by the card thing.
Luckily I have a TnG card.
Not sure what to do 
so I asked the driver.

He said if you scan twice
(once you get on and before you get off)
the bus fee will be only RM0.80.
If you didn't or forget to scan it when you get down,
the fee will be RM1.
Well for "T" buses anyway.

So make sure you remember!!

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I'm gonna make my first Vlog soon.