Friday, 22 April 2011

The braid

Finally handed in my final year project!
I have no idea what to put on the cover....

* look! I'm almost as thin (wide) as an A4 paper!!! XD*

As you can see,
it's called Curiosité,
or Curiosity in English.
I can't type straight anymore.
The French keyboard is just different.

back to the topic.

As you can see here
This is how long my fringe has grown into.

I decided to try and braid it.

Something like this.
It's kinda like (one of) Nicole Richie's trademark.
(when she had long hair)

So here's mine.
 I like this pic.
Well, it's more of a drawing...

Well obviously my hair is not long enough
but I like the look.

Can't take photos from the front,
coz you won't be able to see the braid.
You'll be looking at my forehead instead.

I don't like to show my forehead 
coz it's high...
Kinda look bald.

Notice I was wearing the floral top at the final 2 photos,
and a round neck in the drawing photo?

It's coz I've been wanting to go out
but I can't find people to come along.

Everyone also busy "studying".

When the heck will I find someone who can go out with me??!!!

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I think I didn't get the job of which I went for an interview two weeks ago...

Time to get a new one!

Boy I hate interviews. >______________<

One more thing...
I cut myself quite deep just now.